A MP3 from Brimstone and Smash22. Lyrics are unclear right now, but the genre is medium rock with vocals. Not sure on the instruments yet, more likely to be drums, guitar, bass guitar and a turntable. We have order some software to do it, and I'm trying to get some of my friends to play the instruments. Just got to figure a way to record it in Cool Edit. (This is on-hold)

A RPG in a joint association with Technology Warriors. Right now, the production has only started, and the overall % complete is approximately 1%. Storyline is undercover, but I'm writing my own for it, the best one will be chosen. (This is on-hold)

A Vampire section for the website. Maybe some other mythical creatures, such as Gryphons, Zombies, and other creatures. Not sure where to get the information or how to display it, but I'm working on it. (This has been abandoned)