Cherryne's Websitel
Most of the information comes from this site. A worth while look...
 The Viking Home Page
Various information on the Vikings and their culture.
 Scandinavian Mythology and Folklore
A list of folklore terms and mythological names. Includes a genealogical chart of the deities.
 The Germanic Heritage Page
Information on Germanic culture.
 The Viking Network
A collection of information on the Vikings
 The World of the Vikings Project
A lot of information about the viking world and research.
 The soc.culture.nordic FAQ
Part two contains information on mythology (2.2) and part five contains information on the Eddas (5.5).
 Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
A forklore page and electronic texts.
 Icelandic Sagas
Contains information on the Prose Edda, Egil's Saga, and Laxdæla.
 Myths and Legends
A collection of resources for various mythologies.
 Finnish Mythology
Info on the ancient Finns.
 The Wheel of Time
Connections between Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time and Norse mythology.
 Encyclopedia Mystica
122 articles on Norse myths.
 Essays on Norse Myth
An article on old norse myth, a very informative essay on the trickster Loki by Johannes Persson, and his translation of an essay regarding the Norns.
 Norse (Germanic and Scandinavian) Mythology
An outline of Norse myth.
 A site on Norse mythology with French resources
A website about Norse mythology in French.
 Encylopeadia of Norse Mythology
An encyclopaedia on Norse Mythology
 Todd Reimer's Website on Norse Mythology Runes
A site about RUNES.
 Todd Reimer's Website on Norse Stories
Norse Stories.
About Valkyries.

Other Works of Interest

 Kormak's Saga
 Volsunga Saga
 The Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus
 Grettir's Saga
 Njal's Saga
 Laxdaela Saga
 Erybyggja Saga
 Heitharviga Saga