26 - 4 - 01

 - Brimstone

Back from China. No updates as of yet. Working on China website (here) and should be completed soon.

I will not be updated this website unless absolutely needed.


13 - 3 - 01

 - Brimstone

Music added to the site. Look bottom left :). It's Hard.wav too :). 

Colours in the message boards are smacked up, gotta fix em too. Also: I don't update as I used too... I'm working on my Fallout Tactic's Squad Site right now.


3 - 3 - 01

 - Brimstone

Smash22 is making more loops if he remembers.

I'm getting a little flash for some music for this website, and the mp3 is most likely to be "hard". Check out .wav test to find out how it sounds like.

If you want free old-school games, try and the if they don't have it, they might have links to other websites which do. I'm looking for:

If you have the direct links, email me the link or page. I have not found them at some of the sites which I have checked. Thanks.