2 - 3 - 01

 - Brimstone

I made another scroll bar :). Links colours are now gray (or grey for Australian spelling) and then mouse over colours are underlined white. Cool huh?. I have a collection of scrollbars, Scrollbar1 is the one used on all pages except index.html. Scrollbar2 is the one on index.html and Scrollbar3 is the old style which is not being currently used.

Make sure you download whistler's icons, its only 48.6Kbs and it's well worth it! Click here to download the ZIP file.

Renamed all the htm titles, look into your history then see the difference from before, it's all neat now.

I rarely use ICQ, but my number is 85527848. For the authorization, type in "I got this ICQ from iBrimstone" or along the lines of that. I'll let you add me, but I will not add you, so therefore you need to start the conversation for me to answer.


27 - 2 - 01

 - Brimstone

Abandoned Vampires section. MSVBVM6 page has a new link, I uploaded the Visual Basic service pack, so it automatically installed to your windows/directory folder.


26 - 2 - 01

 - Brimstone

Added Jiankc Art (Again, but he really did some art this time :)).

Added more artwork from Brimstone.

Updated some pages.

New link/link rollover colours, to suit the black/gray/white colour scheme.

Got a preview of whistler's icons. For those who don't know what whistler is, it's Windows (tm) 2001. Click here to download the ZIP file of the icons (48.6Kbs).

Added credits.exe, a new credits form for some of my future projects. Take a look!


Once again, please sign up to the forums. If you want to chat about Visual Basic and ASP, get mIRC or another IRC client, then follow these simple instructions.

Add new server > IRC: PORT: 6667.

Then make your username, then once you have been connected, register your name with a password (instructions are given in the chat dialogue). Make sure to remember your alias and password to it. The next time you log in, use the command to reenter your password otherwise you will be kicked off. This is a security protection for faking someone else's alias.

Once you have registered your name, join channel > #vbchat for Visual Basic Chat or channel > #aspchat for .ASP webpages help. 

Some people to look for are: Meeno, Feldegast, Maddawg351, BrianH, SteveT, Brim2001, Spoon, Shroom, RyderR, Izy, KAT44, Cayn, Ptolemaios, Serge.

If I've forgotten you, email me.


25 - 2 - 01

 - Brimstone

Fixed the black spot. Uploaded new scrollbar style.

Wav Test didn't get that extra loop as I said before. Smash22 has to send it, and those pages ARE STILL in production.

Please signup into the forums and chat, the forums are kind of dead, got to resurrect them :).

Dune Emperor - Battle For Dune is expected to release 3rd quarter of 2001. Hope it Westwood delivers on time (Unlike Tiberium Sun and Tiberium Dawn; which isn't into production but it was expected to release 1999).

Fallout Tatics (another anticipated game of mine) is also on the verge of releasing. O M G, this year is going to be a sweet one :). Fallout 1 and 2 were some of the best RPGs I played (others being FF3, FF7 and Chrono Trigger).


21 - 2 - 01

 - Brimstone

ROFL, Ionic Boom )) is down, due to uncontrollable (actually just that he doesn't want to get into trouble), circumstances that it is down. A mirror should be up soon or something because he still has the website in offline format. 

Links taken off (Ionic Boom, Brimstone Online 2000).

Trying to get Jiankc to fix the black spot between the banner/page. Weird stuff :)


16 - 2 - 01

 - Brimstone

There is a new loop in the wav test.

There is a gap between the banner/page (don't know how). I'll fix it soon :)


14 - 2 - 01

 - Brimstone

Fixed Dune 1 Introduction Movie to it's correct information (It was a copy of Ascii Press *htm before). Removed Jiankc Art (which was empty). Smash22 pages are still under production. Updated the Planned Projects page.

The new tally for the sounds are:

Wav Name Votes


Hard 21
BG 9

Total: 49 people

Keep the voting in!


11 - 2 - 01

 - Brimstone

The tally for the sounds are:

Wav Name Votes


Hard 21
BG 7

Total: 46 people

Keep the voting in!

Smash22 pages are under production (again), I'll annoy him some more for the pages :).

Also I edited "free advertisement free web space (around 15 megs of space)." to "free non-advertisement web space (around 15 megs of space)", as not to confuse people. Sorry about that.


8 - 2 - 01

 - Brimstone is the redirection URL. This is a lot easier to remember than the angelfire URL, but either way works fine. Anything else I should do? Email me.

I'm also begging Smash22 for his *.htm files, so I'll post it up as SOON as I get it!


7 - 2 - 01

 - Brimstone

Ok, the website is almost 100%. Waiting on Jiankc and Smash22 stuff. A new redirecter may be used (such as CJB) for shorter URL. is hard to remember for some people so I'm looking for a good redirector, or even free non-advertisement web space (around 15 megs of space).

Just to clear things up, Jiankc made the template for the website (index.html), Brimstone has done all the other *.htm files. That is most of the website. Brimstone also has created the forum on which this website has. Vampire section is in production.

Wav Test is the beginning for a Flash for this website. Please download and tell me which one sounds better for the flash. If you have any other *.wav files (only up to 100kb), then feel free to email me. There is 2 emails that I have, one being a message only account ( ) and one that accepts files ( ). Please email accordingly.


28 - 1 - 01

 - Brimstone

The website is 100% complete. I'm planning of putting a Vampire section. The forums were made last night, enjoy them! Remember: don't do what I wouldn't do!

The link logo. Use this to link to my site.

  Use the code below

<a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="" width="60" height="60">


27 - 1 - 01

 - Brimstone

I've done major uploading, most of the website is complete.

Waiting on Smash22's HTML pages, and I'm working on Brimstone's Art Flash Animation.


25 - 1 - 01

 - Brimstone

New website project started.