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The Mystery of the Boy With Leaking Boot

As a writer of historical articles for Western Magazines, I enjoy the history of El Paso, Texas. This most Western of Western cities has hosted Pancho Villa, Pat Garrett, John Wesley Hardin and others.

I was intrigued when Mrs. Chester Chope discovered a four-foot statue of a boy in the city's storage yard.

Scoured by dusty winds and desert sun, he was not a pretty sight.

Funds were raised so artist Bill Rakocy could restore the Boy.

The statue was then placed in City Hall.

Everyone's compassion for the little statue appealed to my writing sense. An article, "Boy With Leaking Boot" was published by True West Magazine. Letters about Boys in other cities poured in, loaded with Boy information.

I felt compelled to write this book, and so I did....with joy.

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