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          Majick, to be efficacious, must be embarked upon from a correct relativity to reality. Majick is essentially afterall, nothing less than an attempt to manifest what is real into what is not real. The magician or the witch lives in unreality like every other human being, but seeks to become able to draw down the moon, or pull what is real into what is unreal. For any Majick in any discipline to be successful the adept must have the proper relativity to him or herself and this place. If everything, that ever was or could be, was destroyed to absolute nothing, the truth would still remain. It is essential to know what is true and what is not.

          "The Blue Rose Project" through proper logic and intellectual discipline does reveal and prove the neccessary truth. It makes reality apparent. Being able to see reality gives us the possibility of drawing more reality down into this very unreal and intoxicating place. For most people reading "The Blue Rose Project" is only a beginning of inner change. In order to fully absorb the implications of "The Blue Rose Project" most people must first seek a deep inner silence. Relativity is a subtle thing. The unreal is for the most part quite a bit louder than reality. The single most important thing that "The Blue Rose Project" offers is truth and miraculously; proof of the truth. Most people need the proof to go on. It is possible afterall to believe in anything. Most religions in this place require faith and belief in something not understood or proved. Such "faiths" are nothing more than "snake oil" and they have been around for a long long time. ( a little humor courtesy of Steve Earle) In any case I have always expected anyone who wanted to discuss ideas with me, or embark upon majickal pursuits with me, to read "The Blue Rose Project" first. In recent months however I have met some people who grasped the truth in a more instinctive fashion. Though I still think a thorough read of "The Blue Rose Project" is very helpful because of the proof it offers, and the stabilizing effect that proof has on most intellects; some of my new friends have convinced me to attempt to reduce the ideas in "The Blue Rose Project" to fundamentals. By doing so I hope to reach more people with more of the truth. I have also decided to post some "shadows" or spellwork constructed by me within the parameters of my thinking. I have no intention whatsoever of building an organization, because I believe that is only an invitation to wrong thinking. It is the size of this place afterall that is so intoxicating to most people. Big groups lead to big mistakes.(i/e organized religion) I believe that any three people with a comprehension of these fundamentals can use the "shadows" for their benefit. What follows here is my attempt to produce efficacious fundamentals for spellwork. There are only three.

1) Consciousness          Essentially our true nature is consciousness. The only thing more fundamental than consciousness is nothing. Nothing is a nature than cannot exist. Consciousness is inevitable. Nothing is all there is if there was no consciousness. Consciousness is inevitable. Consciousness is infinite and eternal. Because it is infinite and eternal there is only one consciousness. Every individual human being in this place is an infinite and eternal consciousness. Each individual consciousness sees only their own existential being in this place. What you see, you made, and furthermore,all of it is you.

2) Distance          Inner existential distance is the cause of consciousness. Every consciousness is self aware and self observing. To be so, consciousness must be able to observe itself over a distance. To manifest itself, for itself, consciousness must have inner distance. The distance between thought and reality for consciousness is - alien other consciousness. All consciousness is infinite and eternal therefore, there can only be one. Every consciousness is completely alien one from the other, and can only be aware of other consciousness as inner existential distance. What you see here, you made, but you would not be able to make it without crossing over the inner existential distance of alien other consciousness.

3) Communication          Communication comes from awareness of other. If there were only two consciousnesses in existence, each would be the existential distance in the other; but they could never be aware of one another as anything other than distance. Two consciousnesses responsible for each others' inner existential distance could begin a dance of mimickry, copying the variations of distance within one another, and manifesting exact replicas of varying realities out of their respective existential beings; and thus embark upon a hope of communication - but it would be unproved communication, a beautiful dream dance of hope. Communication becomes real with proof. The entrance of a third consciousness into the dance gives proof. Each consciousness can then observe the dance of distance within itself as the other two dance. Identification, meaning, and language are possible. The three may manifest proven truth of themselves to themselves infinitely and eternally. All lasting reality is manifested in this fashion.