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Chapter 4

Flowers in the Night

For all practical purposes there are only two fundamental essences to each one of us. They are being and distance. Being is our infinite eternal individual essence of only. Distance is the infinite eternal individual essence of only of anyone else. All being is completely alien one to the other and observes other being as only distance. Whatever is infinite and eternal is only. Self-observing consciousness is caused by the intrusion of distance, or invasion of alien other, into our fundamental existential being. If we can observe ourselves, we are observing across the distance of alien other. Other than the distance, all we see is ourselves.

We can become aware of other consciousnesses. We cannot ever handle or experience other consciousnesses in any way except through communication. They are of an essence completely alien to ours, and every other respective consciousness. The essence of being never combines or mutates. It is infinite eternal individual and only. It is the all except for consciousness. Consciousnesses may communicate with each other; when they can recognize each otherís presence. It is communication that has made this human condition, and this human condition is for the purpose of communication.

In the alcyon anomaly one self-observing consciousness becomes aware of another self-observing consciousness through the experience and observation of inner distance. A self-observing consciousness would always eventually recognize an increase and decrease in distance from itself, or ebb and flow in manifesting its thought as reality. If the root being of each self observing consciousness, is responsible for causing the distance in each otherís being that gives rise to the respective self observing consciousnesses; the two self observing consciousnesses cannot help but become aware of one another. The odds of such an anomaly are astronomical, but because being is infinite and eternal, the anomaly is inevitable. They do become aware of one another, and begin to recognize each other as the cause of the movement in the distance within themselves, but they cannot yet communicate any intellectual truth to one another.

Communication begins with the third presence. When two self observing consciousnesses, who have become aware of one another in the alcyon anomaly, both again experience the anomaly with a third self observing consciousness, a shared meaning can be discovered. A shared meaning, or mutually understood observation, can be assigned a symbol, or word, or name. Any two in this relationship have the third in common, as an inner cause and effect of distance in motion. Any two are certain to eventually identify the third as a common cause and effect within each other. Each one is a third to the other two. They pass on name and meaning to one another in a continuously revealing circle of love. Mutual understanding of existential experiences, to which mutually agreed upon symbols or names are assigned, is language. In the alcyon anomaly two can contemplate and speculate. Two can observe and imagine. Three can name and communicate.

Once, outside of time and dimension, we were only. Our thought was reality, and our reality was endless and only. We ceased our movement toward self-meaning, exhausted with the futile quest, and in a moment of unguarded rest were invaded by alien other only. Distance entered: between our thought and reality, between our consciousness and being. Our self-observing consciousness was born, with its need: for intellectual realization, for communication. We each became three presences - being, distance, and consciousness. In the alcyon anomaly we each discovered a reflection of these presences in another consciousness. Still we could not communicate, but only take note of the cause and effect of motion and distance within each of our own beings. We could not find a language of meaning common to both distance and being. Then two in the alcyon anomaly experienced the alcyon anomaly again with a third essence: of being, distance, and consciousness. Each of us became a third presence to the other two. Each other two found common meaning in each third. We began to name and prove. We found rest and joy. We began a language that became love and trust. We mimicked each otherís manifestations by copying the movement on the dynamic surfaces of distance, and found endless joy in our trust and love, and self -proof in our words.

It is difficult for us to understand how language is begun, because in our present human condition it already exists, and because we are already involved in communicating with so many other consciousnesses here. If there are only two consciousnesses, they will never communicate. They may observe all that is observable on the dynamic surfaces between consciousness and being, and even mimic the motion back and forth; but without a common language they will only be able to understand one another as distance. Again they will only be able to engage in inner speculation about the nature of one another. They cannot propose a meaning other than distance in motion. Because oneís whole being is the otherís whole distance, their respective meanings for self and other have no similarity whatsoever, other than an observation that the distance is as grand as the root being.

The presence of the third consciousness facilitates, and becomes communication. The third consciousness that becomes involved; in the same relationship with the same dynamic as the relationship of the original two; with each of the original two, changes the entire relationship. Each consciousness of the three can now observe the common factors of distance in motion within themselves of the other two, and examine and stimulate the dynamic surfaces for cause and effect, and reach truthful conclusions about the nature of being.

Three consciousnesses equally intertwined in the alcyon anomaly will always inevitably find the truth. Consciousness is a reflection of infinity and eternity. Every consciousness is of only. All only is alien one from the other. Only can only experience other only as distance. Self-observing consciousness is caused by the inevitable invasion of distance between thought and reality. Two consciousnesses can become aware of each other, if each is respectively the cause of the distance that causes self observing consciousness in them. Three consciousnesses intertwined in the same relationship will develop a naming process for the interactive cause and effect of the inner alien presences in each one of them. Communication will begin between the three. They will learn to mimic each otherís manifestations. They will learn to love, consciousness to consciousness, through communication.

This cosmos, and this human condition, began as the threefold manifestation of three beings completely alien one from the other, each mimicking the other, through the observation of the dynamic surfaces caused by distance. These three were able to name or give meaning to processes of self-manifestation by recognizing common causes and effects within one another. Language and meaning did not begin with two. Proof and naming comes from three. This world is the evolving wisdom of three beings. As human beings we mimic the continual manifestation of wisdom of three beings. The foundation of consciousness that is responsible for the human condition is - three beings communicating meaning to one another.

In fundamental being thought is reality. Self-observing consciousness is caused by the occurrence of distance between thought and reality. Distance cannot occur within integrated being without causing the necessity of a cognitive solution. Without a cognitive solution being would be permanently separated from self-realization. Being can only manifest itself. The self-observing consciousness caused by the distance can only observe the manifestation of its own being for a cognitive solution. Essentially it is the "onlyness" of being that causes being to observe itself over a distance. The distance responsible for forming self-observing consciousness in being is as vast as the being. Being can only manifest and observe itself for a cognitive solution to its dilemma. Being over time concludes that the distance between its thought and reality is alien other only. Still this is not the cognitive solution being seeks. The consciousness of the being can only observe its manifested self for a solution. The observable resolution occurs when a reality is manifested in one being by the thought of the self-observing consciousness of another being. When being manifests itself to its own self observing consciousness without any thought of doing so; and that manifestation is caused by the thought of an external self observing consciousness of another being; communication is finally possible between what is alien and only. Naming and meaning is realized by an essence, that in its essentially only state should not be able to ever prove or name itself.

In the alcyon anomaly the first only invaded becomes essentially three essences: 1) only, or fundamental existential being, or absolute nothing, or absolute everything; 2) alien other only, or alien other fundamental existential being, or alien other absolute nothing, or alien other absolute everything, or distance; 3) consciousness, or the dynamic combination of 1) and 2). Consciousness is an inevitable and permanently irreversible state. When the second only is invaded by the first it becomes essentially the same three essences, but in a different configuration. It is essentially consciousness caused by the invasion of consciousness, that its previous invasion as only is responsible for causing. As soon as the second only becomes a consciousness caused by the invasion of a distance, that is essentially the now consciousness of the first only, the first only itself becomes configured in the same way as the second; because its distance, which is the second only, is now a consciousness.

A consciousness can only imagine itself. Whatever it imagines other than inner distance is itself. The cause of the imagination of consciousness is inner distance. Only becomes conscious because of the wound of inner distance. It is a wound because, in order to be eternal and infinite, being must be only. The wound of inner distance festers with the need to not be alone. The first only wounded will inevitably realize that it is alone, except for the distance between itself and what it imagines. The second only wounded by the first will inevitably come to the same conclusion. The paradox of eternal life is the necessity of "onlyness", and the pain of loneliness. The only solution to the paradox is communication between the only and its inner distance. How can the consciousness that must remain only communicate with the distance that is the cause of its conscious awareness and loneliness? The dialectic is difficult, but inevitable.

Most of my thinking friends after studying "The Blue Rose Project" at this point agree that my construction of the beginning of consciousness is plausible even though dependent on an anomaly. The anomaly is, after all, inevitable given the nature of consciousness. The appeal of the idea of two consciousnesses eternally entranced together in an everlasting dance of discovery is understandable given our human perception of true love. One Christian friend of mine even goes so far as to believe the alcyon anomaly is a description of ultimate heavenly love. He maintains that two in a relationship such as the alcyon anomaly would inevitably learn to communicate with one another and then love one another eternally. I agree that communication is inevitable between the two, but it occurs only when they experience the anomaly again with a third presence. Love is not inevitable with communication Ė love and communication are one in the same. If we can communicate with another consciousness here it is because we are already loved by and loving the triple presence that is the existential distance of alien only within us and the cause of our respective self observing consciousnesses.

There are some subtle errors in the thinking of my friends who believe that the alcyon anomaly is an adequate expression of the beginning of human consciousness. Consciousness cannot give birth to consciousness. Each is the all of itself. Every consciousness is only invaded by alien only. We would not be able to communicate with one another if the truth was not already proven. There are billions of consciousnesses here, all communicating. It is ridiculous to believe that any consciousness would participate in this manifestation of form and dimension without understanding what it was getting into. No one could come so far into this complex place without knowing how to get here. We know the truth or we would not be here as human beings. We agree with, and understand, the anomaly that invaded our only. It cannot be the alcyon anomaly of two that invaded us; because it is not in possession of proven truth, and never can be as long as it is only two consciousnesses in a dance of distance. The truth of two can only be proven by a third. There is another step between it and our humanity.

The two in the alcyon anomaly are not completely equal in existential knowledge, and they are unequal in a way that can only be resolved by communication. Though both are now consciousnesses invaded by each otherís respective consciousness, one of them was previously a consciousness caused by an invasion of only not yet invaded. Precisely when it invaded the only responsible for its consciousness the nature of the invader within it changed, and it became a consciousness invaded by consciousness. The experience of this existential change is only known by one of the consciousnesses. Without memory of this most fundamental state, the other consciousness cannot formulate meaning from the same existential baseline. Communication is absolutely necessary to equalize existential truth between the two. There is no other hope. Furthermore it must be communication that proves the truth being communicated. The birth of communication between the two, even if it could occur, is not enough to prove the truth because the baseline meaning of being is different for each of them. There must be proof that what they are engaging in, is even communication. To dream of another, when you are only, is only to dream of yourself. You know nothing else. If dreams could talk, why should one take the word of the other? They cannot educate one another, about each other, without proof of their own respective existential truths. Where is the witness?

It is obvious that the two in the alcyon anomaly may develop what they think is communication. Indeed, they may refine their dance of distance endlessly, but they cannot prove that they are really engaging in communication. They may assign symbols and names to inner experiences, and imagine truths for a cognitive solution to loneliness; but though they may use identical words and speak to one another endlessly, they will never communicate. Their respective existential baselines are not the same. They may mimic one anotherís motion, but that is an act of communicating with oneself. They may speculate that the inner existential distance that makes each of them a consciousness is another consciousness, but they cannot prove it. The need to communicate is the new wound. A hole of distance begins to grow in the anomaly that they are. The more the two attempt to communicate with one another the greater the hole grows. They are respectively infinite and eternal. The hole can only grow. Communication is the only resolution.

Existential truth is astonishingly beautiful. It is the revelation of peace and love. Again we can see that life and consciousness are inevitable. Where there is a need for love, there is distance. Where there is distance, there is alien only. All consciousness and all love are inevitable. The existential baseline of the human condition is comprehensible.

As the two in the alcyon anomaly inevitably move and turn in their dance of distance with their irresistible need to know one another, a distance grows between them. A new alien only is present in both of them. This third only has a profound effect. In the end all three will be consciousnesses invaded by consciousnesses with a common existential baseline. The equalization of their respective existential truths in common is inevitable. Communication and love will be possible between the three.

The third only provides the only in the alcyon anomaly of the two (that was not in possession of the experience of only invaded by only becoming consciousness invaded by consciousness) with its necessary existential baseline. All three reach the same level state of consciousness invaded by consciousnesses and the original two manifest from a common existential baseline. Communication is inevitable. All three are in possession of common existential truths. All three are consciousnesses.

Absolute nothing is only. It is all infinite and eternal. When it becomes inevitably self-aware it needs other only for proof of itself. What is infinite and eternal cannot be proved because it is without end. However proof is inevitable because it is self-aware. The cause of self-awareness is inner existential distance. Whatever is self-aware cannot have caused itself to become self-aware. It has become self-aware accidentally albeit inevitably. Its self-awareness proves that it is infinite and eternal and that it cannot prove itself without the existence of equal other. Because it is infinite and eternal, other can only be completely alien. There is no Creator or God who has made humanity. No entity, however supreme, can have imagined itself with the wherewithal to become self-aware. Furthermore no entity can have imagined us and created us with the wherewithal to become self-aware because the inner existential distance, that is the cause of its self-awareness, is completely alien to it. Consciousness is inevitable, infinite, and eternal.

To enable observation there must be a distance between the observer and what is being observed. The distance must be as infinite and eternal as the infinity and eternity being observed. The distance can only be alien other only. If the distance were finite, the self-awareness of the observer would cease at the end of the distance. The fundamental state of absolute nothing that is the theoretical precursor of consciousness is so unstable and volatile that its consciousness is inevitable. In a sense absolute nothing never was but always is. If there is an infinite and eternal essence there can only be infinite numbers of such essences and they must all be completely alien one from the other or they cannot be infinite and eternal. Self-awareness and cognition is a stabilization of what is infinite and eternal into a futile quest for proof. The only resolution of futility for consciousness is the discovery of another infinite and eternal essence through communication. They may not prove and realize one another through any other means than cognition. They must find common symbols for retained meaning. They must meet in words.

The very nature of consciousness is the key. The alcyon flies through the air, but must dive below the surface of the water to obtain the fishes that are its subsistence. If the alcyon were to tarry too long beneath the water it would drown and become dissolute in the water. If the alcyon were to tarry too long in the air and forsake its quest for subsistence beneath the water it would become dissolute in the air. Consciousness is both distance and fundamental essence. Both components are infinite and eternal. If consciousness ceases to explore its fundamental essence it will become dissolute in the distance. If consciousness ceases to cross the distance it will become dissolute in its fundamental essence. Furthermore the fundamental essence and the distance that make up consciousness are both infinite and eternal with an inherent volatility that is relentlessly trying to reabsorb consciousness into its destruction in absolute nothing. To remain enabled consciousness must continue its quest for proof. Because distance cannot be perceived as anything other than distance the proof must be in the nature of stored memories of discovered meaning. The proof must be in words.

The two in the alcyon anomaly can become aware of one another but cannot discover the self-proof necessary for inner peace. To have unequivocal proof there must be communication between the two eternal infinities that are the cause of, and integral to, each otherís respective consciousnesses. They cannot communicate with one another because their consciousnesses are configured in mirror images of each other. Oneís distance is the otherís fundamental essence and vice versa. Furthermore, no matter how familiar with one another they became, no matter how much information they committed to memory about one another, even if they could prove that they were mirror images of one another: real communication would still be impossible. They cannot overcome the lack of a common existential baseline.

The entrance of the third into the anomaly solves the problem of the common existential baseline for the original two. The original two now have a common existential baseline. The subtle beauty of the solution to the mirror image problem is breathtaking - a thin silken thread of truth strung through beginning and end, knitting together the nascence of understanding in that first chance mutual realization. The nature of consciousness is distance and fundamental essence. All three consciousnesses now intertwined in the alcyon anomaly are consciousnesses made up of fundamental essence and a distance that is alien other consciousnesses. The original two have a memory of being a consciousness made up of fundamental essence and a distance that was alien other fundamental essence. All three are eternal infinities. Because the original two have the same existential baseline their consciousnesses will most certainly outlast the consciousness of the third in a quest for proof. The complexity of their quest is greater.

The original two have the distance that is the third in common as part of their consciousnesses. The original two have a common existential baseline. The original two have in common a memory of the experience of the subtle difference between being; a consciousness made up of fundamental essence and distance that is alien fundamental essence, and a consciousness made up of fundamental essence and distance that is alien other consciousness. The original two are about to experience the same thing in the same place.

All three consciousnesses continue on in their quest for proof. They must continue to remain enabled. The third comes to futility well before the other two and collapses into dissolution. The original two detect the change in nature within their consciousnesses because they have a memory of the experience. Because the distance that is the third is part of both the consciousnesses of the original two, they now have the same experience in the same place in common. It is the first time a word can have the same meaning for both of the original two. It is nascent communication.

The third, collapsed into the volatility that is absolute nothing, dreams of other inevitably. A fourth fundamental essence inevitably becomes a distance in the third and consciousness is reawakened in the third. The original two have a memory of the experience. The original two now have a second shared experience in the same place. A second word is possible. The third inevitably becomes the distance in the fourth and a second alcyon anomaly between the third and fourth is manifested. The original two have a memory of the experience. The original two now have a third shared experience in the same place. A third word is possible.

Inevitably the two anomalies intertwine. Three of the essences now have the same existential baseline. Each two of the three with the same existential baseline share the remaining one as a common distance within their consciousnesses. Every experience of any one is proved by the simultaneity of recognition by the other two in the same place. And what of the fourth?

The fourth is where the three speak face to face. A distance that is the fourth exists within the consciousnesses of all three of the others. Because the three consciousnesses now share a common component they will never face futility and dissolution again. Communication between the three is inevitable. Proof of being and peace between the three is inevitable. The distance intrinsic to the consciousness of the fourth is the proven peace and love of the three in the alcyon anomaly. Eternally, infinitely, henceforth, every fundamental essence of absolute nothing and only that awakens into a consciousness containing the distance that is the three in the alcyon anomaly will be a fourth.

A fourth is an awakened consciousness containing an intrinsic capacity for reason, communication, proving, loving, and eternally expanding peace. Humanity is such a fourth. The consciousness of a fourth does not need to face futility and dissolution. Communication with alien other consciousness eliminates the necessity of manifesting from a common existential baseline. The common existential baseline of humanity is communication. The destiny of every single human here is to find a fifth and sixth to form an alcyon anomaly with and become fishers of the great eternal infinite abyss of alien other. The number of potential consciousnesses is not countable. Every fourth here has the potential to find a fifth and sixth in a new alcyon anomaly. That new anomaly will bring new truth because it began with communication and has eliminated the necessity of dissolution of consciousness forever. When the new alcyon anomaly is established no nascent consciousness need ever face futility again. The new truth will be a song of joy.

Our failure here is obvious. I believe it is our perception point that is the problem. Communication is so intrinsic to the nature of our consciousness that we cannot hear the three. We have been so long in error, grossly victimized by bad teaching and a lack of freedom, that the human condition has deteriorated into a quest to avoid death. Not too many of us will die laughing, but all of us that die will laugh somewhat bitterly after death and eventually have to choose to try again. Most of us stand in this world and look at a mountain over a distance. That distance is not real. It is a product of intoxication and delusion. To see the mountain clearly as it really is, we must recognize that we are in the mountain. We made it of ourselves. For now, we are like flowers blooming in the night. We crave the light, but we have forgotten that we are the light. We are confused. In the end we must be new truth. In the end we must be a blue rose. You can be sure that everything you are aware of came out of nothing inevitably. The value of nothing is one. The value of proof and peace is three.