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 The One Hope


I only have the one hope

awaiting the day of just us

when out of the beaten dog

the compressed ball of dung

we stand erect before the relentless world


alas they have compressed me so

the Gods and all their wicked truth

and in my private shame

beyond the rainbow’s end

I cannot demand a covenant


I cling to the wheel in motion

driven down into the dust

with each sublime rotation

always hoping for us

decreased and scarified


dead doves float by me daily

born on waves of floods in vain

wings spent for a home unfounded

without a God embarrassed hearts

we toss upon our tears unended


out of the sickness of thought

crippled words bestride a paper wasteland

little paper arks momentarily floating

on a sea of unfathomable lies

only to sink and disappear


I only have the one hope

the tiny spark of faith in us

our little ship I navigated into doom

alas to dash upon some unwelcoming rocky world

would be better than to sink below the waves unknown


where the white winged olive branch

to offer peace from greater cleaner God?

where the ancient princess Goddess hand

to lift the gentle unrefined soul to breast?

where the world of us?


we cannot clean nor perfumed bath

away the crimes we’ve built as home

our tears can never wash away the blood

the perfect God beyond this flood awaits alone

unable to overcome his disgust, he does not speak


the sea of confusion the opened maw to swallow

is poised to wash our memory off the page

driven from our dirty rocky serpent world

we float briefly looking for home

sailing from our loneliness toward destruction for our weakness


I only have the one little hope

to force the one little bubble of privacy

the inconsolable union of man woman love

the little being of recognition and realization

we always will be lonely until we are alone


would you were content to sink just me

but in disgust you drown us all beneath my sin

but then I am not my father and crucified

I am no follower of name destroying Gods

delicate and tortured I will still protest with whimpers


I send my penetrating whisper out beyond this flood

it echoes in the canyons of forever

I only have the one faith

the little bed of privacy

you must justly look away or doom yourself



and then the Company speaks:


who is this dirty little creature

who strides across the speeding ball of our hearts

this barely visible shooting star

who dares to tell the Gods to look away

and then is gone with just a whisper?

why does he cut so deep and with such force?

have not all the wizards disappeared?

what will he do in that darkness?

can he open up the well?


the little man replies:


who are these bruising Gods

who want to lay their crushing hands upon our private parts

and drive their eyes like nails into our hearts?

though I race by with less significance than an echo

I will not tolerate such invasion

nor bear the sorrow of their lots

it is freedom only for a blessed second

but in the end it is a blessed second

written and imprinted on the darkness

a photograph of eternal passion

outward, onward, ever


oh by the way, where is the living water well?

I think she’s had it all along

what you call lust is only human caring

you will never break the best part of my heart

humiliate and cripple me

still I will seek a healing woman

we are people, we are good

not deflowered arrogant Gods

wind up the universe and put it away

it cannot match a woman’s touch

a master intervenes:


I have seen the light of this man

it is centered and bright

you cannot try to kill the best part of him

and expect him not to fight

he has no real fear

he only fights to keep his human heart alive

what he loves is his light

and what he does not love destroys itself

go on with all your boasts

he cannot recant

he is driven by his heart


the little man cries out:


where is the marriage bed?

how did I slip from that hidden couch?

whose eyes were laid upon me

cutting out my human being

like a disease to be removed for the best?

if a woman gives me only rest

why would I be accused?

look away you makers, look away you Gods

do not disown or disinherit me

for only being

I am beyond this darkness

I only want to please a lady fair



goddess goddess in the night

take my hand in burning fright

lead me out beyond this plight

to your wet undying night

if there is no burning lust

grind my heart into the dust


I will give you all my best

to lay my hands upon your breasts

as my hands caress your thighs

pour forgiveness from your eyes

or burn my bones to sate your lust

and grind my heart into the dust


all my feelings are confusion

all the Gods are an intrusion


drown me in your body well

cast your terrifying spell