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Hexing the Word

Chapter 1

The Terrible Truth

A human being is hope. A human being is a velum thin strand of consciousness intimately entangled with billions of completely alien other strands each originating and emanating from its own individual eternal and infinite being. A human being is a whisper in the dark. A human being is a word hoping to be understood. A human being is hope for communication and connection. A human being is an incomprehensible song or poem. A human being is an ironically lost love letter. Communication is the holy ground. Lasting connection is the dream miracle.


Things are not all right for human beings. The idea has not succeeded. The language of lasting connection has not been invented yet. Truth is forgotten. Without truth there is no language. There are words that are the same for all human beings. They speak as hearts pumping, lungs breathing, planets spinning, stars shooting, and suns rising. Everything that is apparent to human beings is a wide-eyed language of hope, but we have forgotten that it is purely language. It is obvious that in some things we all speak the same language. That language is the reason why we became human beings. A human being is only hope; hope that sprang from a language we all understand; hope for lasting connection.


Each of us makes our own entire single universe of reality to experience. The sensual reality we experience is only each of us touching ourselves. The real thrill of the dance is the potential for communication. We ache for an answer back from a body we cannot see. We can only see a body we make. Our partner can only see a body he or she makes. Physically, sensually, tangibly we are only and always alone. The answer, the loving response, comes out of the void, the great nothing that is the cause of our consciousness. The empty space we cross to get back to ourselves in the normal activity of being sentient is the unseen body we long to touch, and ache to communicate with in order to prove our consciousness to ourselves.


What we must be concerned with from the outset is truth. Though we all long for power and manifest what seems to be power, without truth we are overpowering nothing with nothing for nothing. Without truth we cannot understand what we need, and that certainly makes seeking power to reach a goal frivolous. To define a goal or desire that is necessary we must first know who we are. If we have no fundamental meaning for our own being we cannot possibly imagine what it is we need or desire. It is this inability to positively and correctly identify our needs and desires that makes our attainment of any goals in this life so subtly and profoundly unsatisfying. Furthermore what appears to be power can only be delusion because we simply have no proven definition of who and what we are. You can be sure that we have arrived in this human condition for a purpose. That purpose is to intellectualize a proven meaning for this conscious condition we call humanity and learn to communicate.


 Organized indisputable logic and a methodology for remembering are the tools we must use to free ourselves from the chaos of experiment that humanity has adapted as its science of self-study. You can be sure that the fundamental empirical practice of every human intellect in this place at this present time is clearly a religion of sacrifice. The sacrifice is worthless if you don’t know what it is. It has no known value to you, so it is not a sacrifice. It is really nothing more than a frustrated futile discarding of hope. It is not possible to discover a known by disassembling an unknown. The real question an observer should be asking is - why is something about me unknown to me? The intellectual methodology employed by present day humanity in seeking answers is like disassembling a picture of a machine in order to discover how the machine in the picture works. The great houses of science and religion in this age are going nowhere, and compiling libraries of information that will not be remembered, because it is already known in a different relative system from a different relative perspective. The observations of the twentieth century absurdist existential thinkers are almost poignantly valid to me at times. I think we need to remember how the picture works, before we attempt to study the machine in the picture.


 There is no intellectual diversity in humanity. Enlightenment is not at hand. We are facing in this age either de-evolution or catastrophic purging for the sake of peace, neither of which will lead to immediate enlightenment. Enlightenment and the understanding of consciousness are inevitable, but there are no time constraints. We have forever to prove what it is to be human. I have no intention of taking forever to know myself, but rather prefer to be myself forever. This book is about real power - the power of truth.


We can only know truth. We cannot experience or believe truth in order to discover it. Truth is proven to consciousness by organized indisputable logic. There is no other way to know truth. Logic is organizing a collection of memorized images into immaculately unprejudiced proof. Memory requires truth. Memory only remembers truth, because every image in memory is organized according to the truth. The entire purpose of memory is to prove and remember truth. Memory is the proving mechanism of consciousness. Memory and consciousness are essentially the same. The truth cannot be discovered. The truth can only be remembered. We engage in proving it hoping to end our loneliness.


In my little dialectic “The Blue Rose Project” I have succeeded in providing a difficult but comprehensible proof for the nascence of consciousness. It is that dialectic which we may stand upon as we go forward to assume the destiny of all possible consciousness. It is not my intent to rehash the truth in “The Blue Rose Project” but rather to use the foundation it provides to assume and make available power founded in truth. I will not explain the foundational logic behind basic principles from “The Blue Rose Project” used in formulating the enlightened assumption, understanding, and manifesting of power about to be presented in “Hexing the Word”. I will simply present them as axiomatic already understood truths to be built upon. “Hexing the Word” will provide little forward progress toward the destiny of consciousness for you, if you have not read “The Blue Rose Project”.


All consciousnesses that we commonly identify as human beings have the same existential baseline. We all have the same memories of truth that allow us to manifest our consciousnesses here in the human condition. We arrive in the human condition through an agreement with already proven truth that makes the experience of being human possible. We can be sure that it is an agreement with proven truth for a higher purpose. Fundamentally any consciousness that arrives in this time and place has agreed to participate in this present dance prior to coming here. It is a strange and remarkable agreement to commit every crime possible and common to the experience of human being in a specific time frame. The agreement to participate in the massive mimicry that is human life is an agreement to be the most heinous criminal as well as the most tragic victim. Why would we agree? Obviously there was a higher purpose we were aware of when we agreed. The grotesque permutations of evil common to humanity, and the horrible nature of the crimes of the human race, are clearly and robustly indicative of the size and grandness of the prize. We chose to participate in the horror to attain the prize. We need to remember what the prize is. It is in our memory and can be communicated through language. It is also abundantly clear that the prize may only be attained here in the valley of crime or we would not sensibly choose to come here. This cold hostile heart-breaking horribly criminally bloodstained human experience is the valley of the prize.


There is a madness in this place. Probably every human being walking the earth has this madness. We do make a conscious rational choice to come here. We overlook the scene and choose to accept participation in the madness. We stand sane and rational and look into an insane asylum that is this earth and human existence and choose to come here. We choose not merely to visit the asylum, but to go insane like everyone else while we are here. This is an amazing implication. We allow ourselves to choose to go insane because we believe that the prize is still attainable even if we become completely insane. The meaning of this is quite clear. Truth can overcome even insanity. If we are in possession of the truth, and have overcome insanity, we are most likely a minority of one. Because it requires three or more to gain the prize, we are destined to be frustrated to death. We must convince two or more insane alien other consciousnesses to listen to us, be patient with us, and give things time, while we attempt to stimulate a remembrance of the truth. Patience is the single most important virtue for truth seekers. Because we are insane, truth is not something we discover, but rather something we must first remember. Our patience must be with our own potential to remember.


Words are the dialectical pathway to the prize. Truth must be indisputably proven. Experiential proof is not lasting. Permanent unassailable proven truth is upheld by words and logic. It is truth based on remembered organized images that liberates and ends the loneliness forever. We are built the way we are expressly for this purpose. Language is the paradigm of relationship. What is unspoken, or unwritten, or seen only in image in a relationship, is hope. What is spoken and written and seen in words will prove everything through, and end the necessity of the dissolution of consciousness in the quest for meaning and companionship. The quest for meaning is the quest for lasting companionship, the proving of alien, and the beginning of individual. All projects of truth are about respect - respect for others and self respect, the recognition of individual and the proving of alien. The socialization of consciousness goes simultaneously forward with the realization of consciousness, and the recognition of alien other's metamorphosis into individual. Individual cannot exist without love. Individual is made by love. Human birth is the proof that alien other is becoming individual. Individual must be communicated with and communicate to exist.


The reason we choose to come here is to experience being individual. When we choose we are only and clearly destined to remain only. The hope of only is always to communicate with other, to become an individual among other individuals. It is this grand hope that drives the highest most evolved and enlightened consciousnesses to this place, and it is still only a hope in the heart of the greatest most enlightened consciousnesses in existence. We know this when we choose to come here, and we know it now in this place, or we would not be here still playing at being individuals among other individuals. The prize has not yet been attained. When it is, the sorrow of this place will cease. What was hoped for will become proven truth, and no consciousness will ever be unable to communicate with any other consciousness.


What we recognize as human life is a quest into what seems to be impossible in order to understand it, prove it, and make it possible. However long the quest, however long our life, we manifest the entire experience out of ourselves to ourselves in order to prove it and thus hold it forever. Human life is not lasting, because it is not proven. Human life is a brief speculation of hope by our consciousness. It is like a good idea that we can’t quite see through to fruition, but a higher hope drives us onward. To be sure, being born into this place is an infinitely complex and massive undertaking for our consciousness but the experience of being here is just a musing tragically poignant “perhaps” for nearly all of us. Human life as it is presently experienced is really best described as a brief quest dream. We must fashion a rational relative dialectic clearly outlining the activity of our consciousness during its speculation into the human experience in order to regain our sanity here, and to even be able to hope to attain the prize. Some things about the activity of our consciousness are apparent. Some things about our relative perceptions of ourselves are apparent. We must start there.


Individuality is really the experience of potential communication. The entire human condition to date is an experience in potential communication. To be sure, when we make the choice to come here it is for the possibility of attaining a prize far grander than potential communication, but we do choose to go from a constant realization of infinite eternal only to the limited realization of mortal individual. This is a fundamental existential direction, or vector of conscious expression. The very first thing our consciousness does along this vector of expression is find a way into here – the world of potential communication or individual human life. Very shortly after we arrive here, and gain adult cognition, we begin to look for a way out of here; and this leaving takes many forms including the seeking of comfort while here. This change in fundamental existential direction cannot be a correct one. It can only lead us farther and farther from the prize we came here to attain. If we have miraculously remembered what the prize is in the midst of this insanity, we must head into it in some fashion. We will never find it heading away.


When we choose to come here we are rational, sane, and fully realize the level of conscious development we are embarking from. We choose to come here to develop or evolve further. Moving toward greater enlightenment is the single most fundamental existential direction. Consciousness is inevitably infinitely expanding. We don’t have to worry about choosing to leave because this is not a lasting manifestation. We will either move on toward greater enlightenment, or dissipate toward our starting point. At our starting point, when we are rational again, we will go in the same fundamental existential direction; and since consciousness is infinite and eternal it can only be infinitely expanding, a fact which we all must be already aware of through a previous collapse into the futility of “onlyness” during our inevitable quest for meaning, and  which provided us with the rational wherewithal to understand and make the choice to come here in the first place. Going back is not going backwards because a choice made here in this level of cognition is not clear and rational. We would never make such a choice at our starting point. We already know the result of such a choice there, and it is the awareness of that result that caused us to choose to come here in the first place.


Essentially we cannot go backwards once we are equipped to make the choice to come here, and since we can only come here by choice, we will never go back beyond that starting point. The old idea of living many lifetimes to learn is neither valid nor efficacious. There is nothing to learn. Christianity proposes this in original sin. We may indeed live many lifetimes, but only to eventually and completely serendipitously not lose track of our fundamental existential direction while we are here, and gain the prize we chose to come here for.


The fundamental existential direction we are going in will always be the same, any other leads to futility. The problem for most is that while we are here our cognitive human self has lost some awareness of our fundamental consciousness, which is vast beyond comprehension relative to human cognition. The fact that human cognition is so small and narrowly focused is clearly indicative of a very precise purpose. If we have clearly chosen to allow ourselves to experience the tunnel vision of being human we must be aware of very grand purpose. We would not allow it otherwise.


Simple human experience is neither valid nor invalid. Lasting communication is inevitable. It is the next level of enlightenment for consciousness, and the prize we seek. All consciousnesses here are already at a specific level of enlightenment, or they would not be here. They cannot be lost; only the place of communication they maintain for that purpose will be lost. They are already well aware that it is an inner existential rift or distance that causes their consciousness. Time is not relative to their fundamental existential experiences. They are infinite and eternal. Time is absolutely relative to communication, which in the end is the prize. Cognitive human experiences are all played out in time. Time is clearly caused by the presence of distance within only, creating by accident a state, which fundamentally is consciousness. It must be reckoned into universal words, or memorized images that will allow only to always be able to communicate with alien other only, thus validating through memory and logic what is not thought possible - infinite and eternal consciousness able to communicate with other infinite and eternal consciousness.


This is the grand argument. Many argue that consciousness need develop no further than being aware of the presence of other consciousness (human individuality), and that universal lasting communication is not possible. They argue that experiences such as the human experience are adequate for communication purposes, and there is no need for further development, only a refining of the anomalistic processes that are those experiences into more pleasant and easily absorbed forays into communication. They do not dispute the necessity of communication, only the possibility and necessity of its evolution beyond its present level. They are wrong, and I am in a miniscule minority. They are moving away from the nature of consciousness (infinite and eternal). The fundamental existential direction of consciousness or the vector of conscious expression can only be toward infinite eternal expansion. This fundamental nature of consciousness makes communication seem impossible except through the alcyon anomaly (ref.“The Blue Rose Project”). The alcyon anomaly makes it clear to me that lasting communication is possible and inevitable. I’m under a tree outside the kingdom they want me to save. I must leave them to their own devices. It will not be saved. Consciousness will inevitably move on. They refuse to understand what it really means to live forever.


When we begin here, we are all manifesting this place and its experiences out of our own consciousnesses. It is wrong to characterize our purpose in manifesting this human experience for ourselves as simply learning, or learning to communicate, or enjoying the possibility of communicating with others. We did not come here to experience being human or even to learn from the experience. We all serendipitously and inevitably came in contact with the three or more in the alcyon anomaly. We can be human anytime we like. It is an educated choice. We did not come here to learn to communicate. While we are here, we are in constant unbroken communication with the billions of alien other consciousnesses here, manifesting this place for and from their own consciousnesses. It is a magnificent alcyon dance of distances. We are also in constant unbroken communication with the three or more consciousnesses that through the alcyon anomaly have found a common existential baseline and manifested this universal experience to begin with. Every single consciousness involved with the human experience is in possession of infinitely refined and indescribably dazzling communication skills. We did not choose to come here for the enjoyment or pleasant stimulation of the human experience. The horror and criminality of the world makes that apparent. This place is neither a Grail Castle, nor a Philosophers Garden.


The fundamental existential direction of consciousness, because it can only be infinite and eternal (a fact which I have previously adequately proved), is to be infinitely and eternally expansive. Consciousness cannot rest at a specific size and continue to exist. The vector of conscious expression is always toward the greater enlightenment and expansion of consciousness. Each of our consciousnesses rationally and clearly chose to manifest this human experience to and for its own good. That choice was caused by our respective consciousnesses’ fundamental existential direction. We rationally and clearly believed that participating in this human experience was the correct vector of conscious expression for us. If in this modern age of language we now follow this vector, the terrible truth will become apparent to us.


We correctly choose to come here. We are born as human beings. Once we are born we cannot remember how this construct of human being was made. The first part of the terrible truth should now be apparent to us. There is no way that we are not on the correct vector of conscious expression when we are born here. It is correct to draw our first breath. That first breath requires an infinite capacity for communication between us and billions of alien other consciousnesses. We have consciously and rationally decided, that the communication required to make this human experience possible for us is of no consequence to our reasoning processes, during our experiences as human beings. We have chosen to make the language of the nearly incomprehensibly vast process of mimicry that is being human, an autonomic function of human experience. We cannot speak the language that made it possible for us to be here, because we have chosen to manifest ourselves that way. We are obviously fluent in this language, but we cannot control it with our human cognition. It was our choice. We knew the chances were very good that we would go mad here on a human cognitive level. We deprived ourselves of access to power. There was no risk to our consciousness. If we fail in attaining the prize we only dissipate back to our starting point.


We are so delicate when we are newborn into the human condition, and this place so hostile, that we must figure out how to communicate our needs to an alien other consciousness very quickly, or die. At first we can only cry out, and hope that someone will come to our aid, and try to understand our need, and our delicate condition. When we experience this desperate need for communication with alien other consciousness we are still on the correct vector of conscious expression. We grow on as children through a process of observation and mimicry that becomes a language. We discover that communication with alien other consciousness brings us joy. We discover the utility of language in expressing our needs and desires. We begin to seek answers expressed in language. We are still on the correct vector of conscious expression. We begin an organized education. We experience the mass socialization process. We put our trust in alien other consciousnesses’ ideas for convenience. We drift off the vector. We decide to believe instead of know to alleviate the pain of this place and give us the dry and tasteless joy of hope. We choose peace for the sake of peace.  We go mad with everyone else. Our human cognition becomes useless.


It is easy to see where we go off course. When we stop seeking to prove answers expressed in language and begin accepting hopes expressed in language as answers, we lose our self-respect and intellectual discipline. We must force ourselves to accept only answers proven in language as true and reject hopeful speculations. If we look at the vector of conscious expression that we have embarked upon here, it is abundantly clear : given the dazzling communication skills we possess when we choose to manifest the human experience to ourselves and – that we choose not to allow our human cognition to access; given the narrow and pristinely precise focus of human cognition; that language developed in this human experience is part of the prize we seek. This is because, language can prove something and remain in one memory; and then be used to express the proof of something to another memory. Language does not fail us. We lack intellectual discipline. What you can prove as true with words and logic in this human condition utilizing this narrow human cognition is universally and eternally true for all and every possible consciousness. That is why we chose to manifest this human condition to our consciousnesses. We are that close to enlightenment.


This human condition that we manifest to ourselves is the most enlightened expression of consciousness for us. We have never done anything grander or we would not be here. The potential for revolutionary enlightenment is beyond measuring. If we are human our consciousness is on the right vector of conscious expression. This body, this earth, this universal expression, is potentially the next level of expression for us all. Language makes that possible. Memory is organized according to truth. Language proves truth. Everything we know for certain is self-proved in our memory with language. We remember words. What we remember now of the human experience in our human cognition that is not proven with words; regardless of the fondness we may have for a memory, regardless of the terror we may have of a memory; we will not remember if we fail to attain the prize. At our starting point our memory is organized according to truth. Truth is only ever proven here in the human condition with words. The fundamental meaning to our human cognition of what we cannot prove with language as true to ourselves here is lost to our consciousness when we dissipate from here. Pictures may fit together in our memory, but their meaning and proof is expressed in words.


To find the prize we must continue to follow our vector of conscious expression here. The next development along the vector of conscious expression for us here is sexual maturity. When we are born we originally express ourselves as one sex or the other but our sexual maturity is delayed. We have chosen to manifest in this fashion. The fact that we are not born sexually mature is part of the vector of conscious expression we have rationally chosen. The delay is planned. The delay must have a purpose. The only purpose that makes any sense is to give us time to develop our communication skills and learn a language suitable to express our thoughts to others is this narrow human cognitive state. Language is the paradigm of relationship. If preservation of the species was our goal we would be born sexually mature and breed immediately and constantly until we died. This would be far more efficient for propagation of the species. We really should reject out of hand any modern form of the idea of a human biological imperative. The first human imperative here is learning to communicate with a language. 


Sexual maturity is a most critical point along this chosen vector of conscious expression. Once we have expressed ourselves as born here we immediately discover a nearly survivalist need for communication. If we are lucky, over time human socialization provides us with an adequate and utilitarian language. If we are lucky, language gives meaning to our memory, humor to our lives, expression to our emotions, and a connection to a community. If we are extremely lucky, occasionally the language we have learned, the language of narrow human cognition, arrives along the vector of our conscious expression at points of convergence; points where the words of our human cognition express exactly what the autonomic language that our consciousness expresses its human condition from is expressing. These are translation points, points where our narrow human cognition puts the truth constantly expressed by our own consciousness that we are rationally unaware of as human beings into human words. These points are a harbinger of our true destiny. We are meant to give human words to everything we know. It is the grand mystery of remembering. Unfortunately for most of us, the din of this human existence overwhelms our understanding.


The terrible truth is - our human cognition and experience as we manifest it to ourselves is so narrow and intensely focused, because we have never matured along our vector of conscious expression. Our capacity to communicate to alien other consciousness is stalled in adolescence. The degree of tunnel vision and narrowness of our human cognition is directly reflective of the relative development of our capacity to communicate proven truth to any alien other consciousness at this point along the timeline of our manifested vector of consciousness. We are born here completely vulnerable by choice. We discover the necessity of communication, because we chose to manifest our consciousness here in dire need of communication. We learn to communicate. We master a language. Precisely at the point where we afford ourselves the opportunity to hear and translate the whispers of our greater manifesting consciousness into human words we go mad. There are simply no existentially mature consciousnesses here to repair our thinking with truth. That is about to change, because it is the single entire reason I have come here.    


This book is about power, the power we came here for. The prize is to exit the valley of crime and suffering walking as a human being. The power we seek is control of the mimicry here and peace with our manifested cosmos while remaining completely human. The final human right to choose who we associate and communicate with in the alcyon process of mimicry is a right earned by proving the truth of  human consciousness with language. Power here is directly relative to our manifested human capacity for communicating proven truth to alien other consciousnesses we manifest as other humans to ourselves. The greater the amount of proven truth that our human cognition is in possession of the greater our potential to manifest acts of power to aid in our progress along our vector of consciousness toward the prize. Language and proven truth are the real power. Our human condition is a chosen journey. It has long been time for us to grow up and travel the rest of this journey down our vector of conscious expression. I know a way.


Those of us who have manifested ourselves as humans here, and manage to survive our childhood somewhat sane, reach a turning point of multiple implications when we reach sexual maturity. Originally we manifest the container and reflector of our consciousness into this human experience as one sex or the other. When one kind of body or sex fits together with the other kind of body or sex it is possible for another body of either of the original kind to appear here as a container and reflector of the presence of a new consciousness. Remember that any body we are able to be aware of is manifested by our own consciousness as an expressed reflection of the presence of an alien other consciousness. Remember that this entire human experience we manifest from our consciousnesses for ourselves is a reflection of already proven existential truth that we choose to manifest, in order to go forward in our fundamental existential direction. We can never lose our way farther back than the nascence of our manifestation of the human experience for ourselves. Now we are ready for the grand mystery. If our parents cannot provide us with the proven existential truth of the nascence and nature of consciousness before we reach sexual maturity we will collapse into the same futile pattern and our children will face the same dilemma. This will lead us to live out our humanity in hope rather than proof. Essentially we are already fourths in a relationship of communication with the three or more in the alcyon anomaly that present us with the possibility of the universally proven truth of organized language. (ref. “The Blue Rose Project”) At sexual maturity we do not collapse into futility. We have already done that well before choosing to come here (it is part of our existential baseline), but our human cognition is so narrowly dedicated that we forget this, and eventually die leaving here for our point of re-entry. What collapses into futility in our budding adolescence is language. We feel like we are going with it, because we are the expression of the possibility of language for the three or more consciousnesses in the alcyon anomaly.


A child is not born here specifically capable of mastering any particular language. It learns language by mimicking the adults in charge of its care. A newborn child has the capacity to learn any language common to this planet and time. This is a remarkable and easily proven truth. The implications in existential truth are stunning. Essentially the three or more in the alcyon anomaly, which we are invaded by, and which we invade, and learn the language of mimicry and conscious expression from, - have already proven the efficacy of every human language. They are fluent in them all. They must be, or a newborn child would not have the capacity to master any language here. Furthermore every human language is based on the fundamental language of the alcyon anomaly of three. The collapse of human language into futility is a necessary part of its development, but it is necessary only once for each respective language. It must collapse to gain a common existential baseline with all consciousnesses. This is a difficult dialectic, but language is an expression of consciousness that is restored in a sense to an equal existential baseline and lifted from futility by the invasion of alien other consciousness – the conception and birth of a child to parents fluent in that particular language. The birth of the first child to parents fluent in a language collapsed into futility proves the efficacy of the language to the consciousnesses in the alcyon anomaly. Because the number of possible consciousnesses is infinite, this process will go on forever unless three consciousnesses manifested at the same time in this human condition obtain the prize. All of us manifesting this human experience to ourselves here, have the same existential baseline. We are all fourths who entered as distance into the alcyon anomaly of three. The alcyon anomaly of three is an existential rift within us as well as all other fourths, which we commonly identify as fellow individual human beings. We are able to identify and attempt to communicate with all other human beings, because we all have the same existential baseline. The alcyon anomaly of three, that is the intuitive source of our correct choice to manifest ourselves as human does not have an existential baseline in common with us, though its own existential baseline is a part of ours. We may be sure that the English language (and all others we are aware of here) is adequate to lead us to the prize. The truth is – we knew that when we chose to come here.


Language is an even more narrowly focused manifested conscious expression of the manifested conscious expression that is the narrow human experience and cognition. The original alcyon anomaly of three that is an existential rift within our own consciousness that we engage in the complex process of mimicry in order to manifest being human to ourselves is fluent in whatever human language we learn to master. We are fluent in the manifesting language of the alcyon anomaly that allows us to manifest ourselves here as human. We have chosen to manifest ourselves with a human cognition that cannot access that language again until we have translated it into human words. It is easy to see why. It is already proven truth and the human language is of more potential value. Furthermore when the human language has proved the true destiny of humanity all things will be in human words. Finally, when the human language has proved an alcyon anomaly of human fourths, the original alcyon anomaly will understand the proof in a language it is already fluent in, and become a fourth cognitively to the new anomaly, and achieve equalization of existential baselines with humanity, and be able to be communicated with and be handled and experienced the same as any individual human – and because it is an original alcyon anomaly all alien other consciousness will have access to a universal language that does not threaten eternal infinite “onlyness” no matter how long their personal process of conscious development. The impossible will be possible. This is the destiny of humanity.


Two consciousnesses with a desperate love and belief in the mystery of poetry and language will become aware of one another in this human condition. In an alcyon dance of words and dreams they will mimic truth back and forth to one another, and pour it out on paper as a written record in language for the great good of everyone. They will fill the record of their humanity with proven truth in language. A third consciousness will see them and become aware of the good of their truth in language. The third will begin to participate in the alcyon dance of dreams and words, and more proven truth will be poured out on paper. The language of the third in a quest for personal understanding and meaning will collapse into futility, a state which the language of the other two has already progressed through. A fourth which will be the original alcyon anomaly of three will invade the third and restore the third to its common existential baseline in words and language with the two it originally admired for their possession and conscious expression of language. All consciousness including the original alcyon anomaly of three will then be brought to a common existential baseline in and through language.


This is the difficult dialectic of the way things are for us all. We choose to come here and risk the madness. We know that finding proof of the truth will be like chasing a quickly dissipating morning mist burning up in the heat of the crooked light of a dazzlingly false sun. Seeking comfort and rest from the sorrow and madness pulls us away from the truth. We chase the mist across the morning fields until we burn up in the lie. We choose to manifest this human condition for our own consciousness’ sake. For nine months we drown our consciousness in the abyss of the primordial language of the conscious expression of the alcyon three. We emerge into the contrived and specific light of the human experience unable to express and remember it. We turn to the keepers of this terrible pool and cry out inconsolably for the terrible truth. The cry becomes language because of the terror. We reach sexual maturity and begin to remember the language that allows us to consciously express ourselves here. We turn to our human parents for understanding. Their answer is – “Everything dies baby, that’s a fact, maybe everything that dies some day comes back.”


Now I will tell you the terrible truth. Proven truth is already here. This should be the next level of enlightenment for us. A human being is the next expression of consciousness for us. Being human is our destiny. The place is simply bewitched. It is under the control of an adept group of consciousnesses, who have mastered the language of mimicry and use that mastery to provide comfort for themselves here by disengaging from their agreement to mimic every consciousness present in this human condition, thus allowing themselves the comfort of the human condition without the sorrow of the asylum. They use our human language to maintain our madness by creating a necessity in us to ask the wrong questions. The right question is – “Why are we dying if proven truth is already here and always available to us?”


It’s time to move on. The process of human reproduction creates a new place for the expression of a new alien other consciousness here. The child that contains the new consciousness is meant to learn the entire proven truth of the human condition in human language from its parents. The sexual maturity of the child is inevitable, and that sexual maturity is simply the child’s nascent awareness of the presence of the inner existential rift that is the alcyon three. The child has already learned a language, and has learned proven truth from its parents because of that language. All that is left to do is to bring the alcyon three to the same existential baseline as humanity. The successful father-mother-child model brings the conscious expression of the alcyon three in language together with the conscious expression of the father-mother-child model in language. In the narrow expression of consciousness that is language, the alcyon three and the successful father-mother-child model have a common existential baseline. Language is alive. We still die here unaware that we are forever alive and well in our language, because someone has hexed the word on earth.