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The Day You Put On Your Skin

once we were all ideas

from somewhere out beyond space

like shootin' stars, 'r light'nin' bolts

fallin' into this place

all o' the pieces o' what we are

are drawn t' us by our own force

an' the things that we touch jus' make us ferget

an' we jus' go off our own course

we're the ones who let ourselves be this

we choose the children we are

we really believed we'd see this

we're much more than a shootin' star

we ferget ourselves fer a reason

t' prove that love is what's right

we came here jus' fer a season

t' shed a little love light

we come t' prove another one's right

t' be what they have t' be

t' pull a child from its own endless night

t' set somebody else free

never forsake the kiss 'r caress

let the healin' begin

we all choose the path o' lovin' duress

the day we put on our skin

children rejoice the orphan's home

is unlocked an' open again

an' don't ya ferget ya were never alone

from the day ya put on yer skin