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From Sword To Plowshare

there ain't no place fer the sword 'r the gun

'r murder in any degree

love's been proved an' ya jus' can't run

from what yer gonna be

the stars that were will all come back

it ain't no brand new sky

there never was any night this black

nobody came here t' die

in the dawn soaked dream o' the countryside

in the hint o' the mornin' mist

on the banks o' the river deep an' wide

in the baby face ya once kissed

in the whisper o' the birdwing through the air

an' the murmurin' in the meadow

the joyful things are everywhere

ya dare t' cast yer shadow

from the sword's gonna come the plowshare

all the blood's gonna turn t' wine

an' the children who led ya 'll be there

t' share in that cup o' time