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Places To Fish

me an' my ten-year-old went down t' the Blanchard

t' fish by the old Park Street bridge

in a fifty foot stretch o' river an' rocks

we counted five water moccasins that day


we stayed up on the bridge an' watched 'em a while

but we never went down on the rocks

there was jus' too many snakes t' keep an' eye on

an' still try an' catch a nice fish


when I was a boy I'da caught them snakes

an' flung 'em up over my head

an' bashed 'em on the rocks

an' left 'em layin' there dead


once I was huntin' up north in Wisconsin

I found a nest o' yellow rattlesnakes

I got some with my shotgun, there was around twenty

I stomped the rest with my cowboy boots


I never had no fear o' snakes

I jus' kick 'em outa my way

but I'd never put my boy in danger

jus' t' prove I wasn't afraid


he don't need t' be around snakes

he's too young t' understand 'em

I know I can't protect him ferever

but there's a lotta other places t' fish