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In and Out of the Water

ya draw t' yerself whatever ya need

t' please the one ya find fair

'cause if it's real ya both were freed

a long time ago way up there

when the one that ya love becomes what ya feel

an' what yer hearts been achin' for

then together ya 'll find ya can love any time

an' go in an' out o' the door

in an' outa the water

up an' down in the flood

love bustin' out like laughter

bubblin' up jus' like it should


hand in hand in the shadowland

jus' waitin' t' feel yer own skin

in each other's faces ya 'll understand

the way ya gotta begin

I'll choose fer you what ya draw near

an' then ya can choose mine fer me

that way we'll know when we get t' here

we'll already be what we see

in an' outa the sorrow

songs that mean what they say

I' already seen tomorrow

before I begin today