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A Different Word

I went out walkin' on a fine spring day

list'nin' fer what could be heard

I asked everythin' livin' along the way

do ya remember? do ya know the magic word?

I asked the bright red bird up on the wire

but there were only two songs that he knew

one fer his lady bird full o' desire

an' a warnin' o' a stranger passin' through

I asked a fat gray squirrel way up in a tree

as she chirped t' her mate on the ground

she jus' chattered t' her babies an' scolded me

sent a warnin' there's a stranger aroun'

down by the pond I asked an' ol' frog

as he croaked fer his lady frog fair

an' he lept with a splash off his pitchin' log

as a warnin' of a stranger standin' there

I asked an ol' dog on a porch in the sun

as she sighed an' played with a bone

she jus' jumped up an' barked fergettin' her fun

at the stranger passin' outside her home

all over Hardin County in the field 'r the wood

hill an' valley, at the park, 'r in town

I walked an' I listened as hard as I could

but there were only two words t' be found

sometimes I heard life longin' fer life

an love makin' a place fer more

sometimes I heard life fear fer its life

afraid o' the stranger at the door

love o' jus' livin' an' fear o' the unknown

are the only two meanin's I heard

but once in a silence, broken an' alone

I heard a whisper an' a different word

once in this Egypt I bloodied my door

with pictures o' loved ones gone on

but the angel o' death don't come here no more

he jus' nods an' keeps movin' on