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Freedom First and Forever

By Trinidad Cruz

We are now entering an age when basic human dignity will have to be vigorously defended as we redefine and refine the meaning and purpose of freedom. As physics and mathematics progress relentlessly toward modeling and producing new relative systems we must realize that the goal of this science is only manipulative power. Though a mastery of the language of the universe would undoubtedly produce apparently abundantly beneficial possibilities for the human race they will not lead to any substantial evolution of consciousness as so many believe. Human consciousness is stalled here on its evolutionary ladder because it has no comprehensive understanding of its own existential baseline. Like Huxley I am troubled by our inability at the dawn of this age to distinguish between comfort and freedom, and I believe that there is already evidence that this power of definition that would be gained from finally understanding how to move about in alternative relative systems would simply lead to a permanent bonding of human consciousness to this particular universe. Clearly the limitation of consciousness in any way is not freedom. Development would cease.


In our universal human history we have always sought saviors. Unfortunately many times we have found them. Every savior ever found, whether they began as true saviors or not, has become a comfort provider with the secret answer waiting to be revealed at the right time. In the past this has generated and supported the political systems that have brought us to bloodbath after bloodbath. Though bloody it has been a benign phenomenon as far as threatening the possibility for the evolution of human consciousness. That serendipity is about to be ended, and the savior phenomenon is about to become toxic to human consciousness. Ironically it is science and the mastery of relative systems that will empower the manifestation of enslaving saviors across this world. Without a proven existential baseline for its own consciousness humanity will find the lure of the comfort offered by saviors irresistible and become, like its saviors, permanently bonded to this universal system. The only immunization against the coming disease is a dialectic of proof of existence for human consciousness. Our efforts for freedom must be focused there. All these saviors are offering is comfort.


I have yet to discover a benevolent savior. Even Jesus threatens to return and destroy those who are destroying the earth. This is an ominous but very revealing statement. The single similar factor in the dogma of all saviors is the preservation of the planet. Why? For our own good? I donít think so. Our science is driven by a need to master the nature of the universe and move on, indeed even manufacture new planets. I do think, clearly for their own good. The saviors are all existentially trapped and rooted in this universal system. They are trapped for the same reason as we: they have no proven existential baseline for their consciousnesses. Presently the only difference between them and us is that they have mastered the manifesting language of this universe. Unfortunately we are about to do the same thing and become at our most elite scientific levels co-participants in their fiasco. It is inevitably a fiasco, because without a proven existential baseline for human consciousness even what seems to be immortality will not be real immortality. The universe is not immortal. Consciousness is. The universe is because of consciousness not vice versa. Living on an on in a universe is not immortality. A universe can end. Living on and on in a relative system is not immortality. There are an infinite number of relative systems and they are all produced by consciousness. I always prefer to err on the side of freedom. "I donít wanna work on Maggieís farm no more."


As an activist for freedom I will aggressively engage any philosophical organization that promises to free the people from their suffering with secrets or esoteric knowledge. By "aggressively" I mean with the intent to humiliate and destroy. Any philosophical idea that promises to alleviate the suffering of humanity through participation in a new mysterious system of understanding that only an elite group are masters of is not benevolent. All these salvific organizations are mouthpieces into this place for other powerfully adept consciousnesses with a perverse and gluttonous agenda. Benevolence would be public and clearly comprehensible to the ordinary human. Benevolence would be proven truth. To quote Steve Earle, "Itís snake oil yíall."


Finally, it is our idea of what proven truth is that is the ultimate cause of our continued suffering here, and our vulnerability to "snake oil salesmen". We believe that what we experience is true. We really cannot prove that what we experience is true. Proven truth is indisputable organized logic. Whatever we experience in the human condition is of no ultimate educational value to us unless we have already defined the existential baseline for human consciousness, and we must define our existence with indisputable organized logic not based on experience. It is experience that blinds and traps us. If we look at ourselves without prejudice we will discover that consciousness perceives itself without limits. The only educational value of our experiences as human consciousnesses is to learn to communicate with other human consciousnesses. From that communication can come a dialectic that provides an existential baseline for us all; then no consciousness will ever have to be alone again. The entire purpose of this universe is to allow for communication consciousness to consciousness. Without a proven common existential baseline for consciousness, that communication will always be limited to a lifetime. Even the lifetime of a universe is not enough to fulfill the need of consciousness for other consciousness. We must set our sights higher or we will lose our freedom and limit our true potential. One voice for freedom is better than a universe of voices for comfort. PRDB forever free!