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By Trinidad Cruz


One of the most difficult and delicate dynamics that an activist must cope with is the ethical generation and handling of the apparently necessary power to achieve the purpose of the establishment of idealistic and ethical change. Most of the successful campaigns for ethical causes in recent history have employed the tactics of Gandhi and Tolstoy, i/e finding and convincing enough bodies to throw themselves into the gears of the machine of oppression to slow or inconvenience its relentless forward progress. To be sure there have been some stunning successes that have raised the aspirations of all humanity, but we are entering an age in western history where such tactics will no longer be effective. The oppression machine in western civilization now generates comfort for millions of its citizens and their addiction to that comfort will make them less and less likely to bite the hand that feeds them as time goes by. Furthermore the vast majority of American citizens believe that they are already activists for freedom in a global community that is essentially not free, and many believe that just being American is an adequate personal statement for ethics and justice. The average American citizen is fundamentally intoxicated with his or her idealistic success, and cannot be readily motivated to higher aspirations.


The essential problem with strength in numbers tactics has always been the same. What if the ideal is wrong to begin with i/e Naziism and communism? Strength in numbers is the tactic of fascism as well as idealistic ethical activism. The average American citizen is generally disenchanted with strength in numbers protest except in the defense of the ongoing comfort machine that is American everyday life. If America does not soon raise its ethical and idealistic aspirations it will go down in true human history as fascist. Indeed if the entire global community is eventually “liberated” to the level of present day America and hunger and war and even disease are eradicated the intellectual potential of human consciousness will be ruined permanently. The comfort machine will become a shiny new god. Without a proven existential baseline humanity will not aspire beyond the level of its imagined gods. We will all stop there. To paraphrase Dylan, “we won’t follow leaders and we’ll watch our parking meters.” Essentially we came up with the idea of gods to relieve ourselves of the responsibility of remembering and defining our personal existential baseline. If we believe we have been made or generated by gods, they then become our existential baseline, and we expect them to take up the responsibility of our quest for meaning. God imagining allows us to get on with our pursuit of comfort here and wait for whatever god we have imagined to reveal how human consciousness came to be.


If we are to remain activists for ethical change in the future we must become individually empowered. We must become individual forces to be reckoned with. The chains that bind us here are entirely manufactured by our own imagination. Each of us must discover and define our own individual genesis. Knowing the proven beginning of human consciousness would allow us to discover the power within us as individual consciousnesses to be responsible for everything we imagine. To propose that love is the answer is not far from the truth. The old axiom has been long misunderstood. If we unconditionally love everything that we are able to be aware of here, we are loving what we have imagined in an attempt to form lasting communication with another consciousness. We are seeking to love another and be loved by another in a relative system where we can only experience loving ourselves and a form of ourselves that we imagine another might be. As an individual consciousness in this world I am certain that everything I can possibly be aware of here is only my way of attempting to translate the language of another consciousness and to speak back and be recognized as proven life. The language we are attempting to communicate with to one another is the known human experienced universe we imagine out of ourselves. What we are individually aware of we sent out into the distance individually. It is all infinite individual questions spoken into the distance. We are all each a distance that another speaks into. When any two of us have the same meaning for the same word it is communication. To become individually empowered here we must master our own imagination. We must gain control over what we imagine and manifest out of ourselves as a revelation of others around us. Everyone we know is only our expression of who we think they are.