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Taken By Love Unawares

blood split eye, river worn stone, cut rock wall

ash, mud, and frost

water broke hot, bottle dry sweat, warm lip scar

scald, freeze, and crush

tears carve face, sinews brace

taken hard, taken down

taken by love unawares


flame turned hard, iron child step, barb steel rose

dust, thorn, and wind

bruise bent dance, belly hell cry, star touch stride

starve, lose, and burn

blade slit heart, essence part

taken lost, taken torn

taken by love unawares


eye drink pulse, hand field stroke, breast smooth earth

milk, meat, and bread

tongue wet life, nose sweet dew, breath word sigh

taste, smell, touch, see, and hear

plant new world, sow new sun

taken in, taken all

taken by love unawares