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The Bottom of the Ocean

She watches herself in her water;

every silver orb a face to dance a wave,

every wave an undulating Goddess hip.

Atlantic moon pours out her cold remorse,

and stirs the skin above the great abyss.


At first my eyes were open,

the light of faces in my desperate dreams,

cloying at my meaning, given names,

afloat and touched like trances

ever onward toward my truth.


Yet sinking ever deeper I grew blind,

commingling tears with deeper darker flows,

hard pressing every secret from my soul;

to write the truth onto this archived wall,

at the bottom of the ocean in my blood.


Every savior sleeps beneath this flood,

shadows haunting temple ruins below,

drifting in the current of the dark,

renamed at last by drunkeness and fear

too deep to reach the light of common sense.


And every kingdom settles to this floor

tossed to twisted wrecks by storms of words,

grand endeavors crushed beneath the weight

of endless tears of error from blinded eyes.

Each Atlantis finds its falling star.


And when a heart is waiting to explode,

a heaving chest exhausted just for breath

lingering just to sing this song of death,

"Come kiss me, hold me close, and say goodbye"

at the bottom of the ocean - there we are.