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The Highest Word

If I crossed a line along the way

and a broken heart led me astray;

it was to find the words to say

and free the judge from judgement day.


We rise so high and then fall down

each listening for a secret sound

hidden in the sorrow we have found,

but louder lies just drive us in the ground.


If I climbed up to my highest place

and sang my songs out into space

would you even recognize my face?

I swear I never meant to bring you to disgrace.


The truth is not consuming light.

Love is found in long cold nights.

Words should announce our coming into sight,

not echo down the trails of our flight.


If what I say could set you free

to find the most that you could be,

why would you turn away from me

and keep my pages where no one would see?


Why would you bring yourself that pain?

It cannot make you right again.

Outside your door I'm waiting in the rain

and though my ink is running, it will stain.


If you are the highest word

along the way we ever heard,

it's just to wisdom that we all deferred,

and lost ourselves in passions that you stirred.


You cannot give us who we are,

though your own journey has been far;

in the end you're just a guiding star

to lead us out across our midnight bar.


If I crossed a line along the way

just to lead you out from judgement day,

why can't you let me say what I would say?

Why would you wash my poetry away?