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LuLu's Art

"Spies Came Out Of The Water"

Hello Art Lover!

Welcome to my LuLu Art website. I have been selling art on eBay since 1999. That year I was involved in a car accident and part of my recovery was to paint. At my friendís insistent I put three paintings up for sale on eBay. All of them sold. To date I have sold 100s of my paintings and other artwork on eBay. In great appreciation, I say THANK-YOU to all of my collectors. You have made my life better. And I try to make other lives better by giving a percentage of my yearly sales to charity.

I work in acrylic, oils, and mixed media. The imagery that interests me could be anything from the galaxy above us, clouds, water, allegories (little stories played out in images), an overheard conversation, a feeling, something humorous or sad. I try to stay open and become a receptor to this beautiful world we exist in. I also do portraits of regular everyday people as well as satires of musicians, celebrities, politicians, and some quirky individuals.

My work can be found in Gallery 219, Gold Coast, and Moonstone. Plus in Sanctus Gallery online.

This site is a mini art gallery of the work I have sold on eBay. Sometimes I work in single images, other times I work in a series when I am exploring a subject in a deeper context.

Here are some of my paintings:

Included are links of LuLu paintings and some of her art pals work too!

LuLu Gallery A

LuLu Gallery B

LuLu Gallery C

LuLu Gallery D

LuLu Gallery E

LuLu Gallery F

LuLu Series Paintings


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Due to health thingys I am not doing any shows anywhere, but you can order directly through me, Chicago LuLu...the original!

Click here to see what I currently have available.

Click here if you are interested in viewing some of my unsold art.

And you may contact me anytime through email.

Again, THANK-YOU!!!!!!