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Selena's Music
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This page features information on Selena's most popular albums

Selena The Last Concert Live

This is the most recently released Selena album (along with 'Selena y Sus Inicios Volume1'). It is a live album recorded in February 1995, featuring 13 of Selena's best live songs, such as The famous Disco medley, 'Como la flor', 'El chico del apartmento 512' and 'Bidi bidi bom bom'!

Selena the Last Concert Live at

All my Hits Todos Mis Exitos volume 2

'All my Hits Todos Mis Exitos volume 2' is the fantastic follow up to the (now out of print!) 'All my Hits Todos Mis Exitos'. It includes 16 of Selena's best songs such as 'Techno cumbia', 'Fotos y recuerdos' and 'A million to one'. It also includes a few live tracks. On most versions a little Selena gift is also included :) I expect that this will be deleted sometime in the near future so i would hurry up and buy it!!

All my Hits Todos Mis Exitos volume 2 at


The Selena 'Anthology' is a 3cd boxset with 30 of Selena's wonderful songs! From older songs such as 'Te amo solo a ti' and 'Yo te dare' to remixed versions of some of her best hits like 'Amame' and 'No queiro saber'. It has lots of pretty pictures and is perfect for any Selena fans who wants to hear a wide variety of her music!

Anthology at

Dreaming of you

'Dreaming of you' was released soon after Selena's death and sold hugely, it has some of Selena's best known Spanish hits like 'Como la flor' and 'Amor prohibido' and some English songs like 'Dreaming of you' and 'I could fall in love'. It is a very beautiful album and is perfect for Selena fans and beginners.

Dreaming of you at

Amor Prohibido

'Amor Prohibido' is probably the best album Selena released, it has many fantastic songs such as 'No me queda mas', 'Ya no' the title track and 'El chico del apartmento 512', a great listen!

Amor Prohibido at

17 Super Exitos

It is hard to choose the best early Selena album but '17 Super Exitos' is a great compilation of some of Selena's earlier songs. With hits like 'Mentiras', 'Yo fui aquella', 'Sukiyaki' and 'Baila esta cumbia' it is a must have!

17 Super Exitos at

There are many other Selena albums such as 'Entre a mi mundo', 'Baila esta cumbia' and 'Exitos y recuerdos', some of them are quite hard to find, such as 'Todos mis exitos' which is now deleted. But you'll find many of the popular ones at
for the rarer ones. Happy searching!!

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