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GuoQuan Zheng, the artist, was born in Shanghai. While very young Zheng was very fortunate to come under the guidance of prominent Shanghai masters. With their tutelage he learned Classic Chinese painting and calligraphy as well as Western painting.

Mr. Zheng graduated from the Shanghai Drama Academy, Department of Fine Arts, and has continued to study and mature in his art. He has taught Fine Arts and Graphic Design at the China Textile University in Shanghai for many years.

GuoQuan Zheng has studied both Eastern and Western art theories for over 25 years, he has devoted his research and study to the integration of Western artistic concepts and traditional Chinese painting. As a result of combining these two cultures, his works have an unmistakable western flavour but remain distinctly Oriental. He has developed a unique and individual style that transcends cultural barriers.

Mr. Zheng immigrated to Canada as an international artist. Since his arrival his paintings have been exhibited at the Edmonton Alberta Cultural Center, and at a number of Edmonton galleries. The Edmonton ITV and The Calgary Chinese Cultural Center have also presented a television show on Mr. Zheng's art. Since coming to Canada, his work has been influenced by many local setting and scenes.

Mr. Zheng's painting have been exhibited in a numerous major nationwide exhibitions in China. He has also exhibited in Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore and in other Asian countries. His work is included in major collections in Canada, U.S.A., Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and at a number of Japanese and U.S. universities. His work has also been collected by a number of Canadian and foreign corporations, including Japanese famous designer Kimishima Ichiro of Tokyo and Citizen Choice Corporation of Edmonton.


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