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Sappho : In our Time Radio 4

The High Piest of Latin - Father Reginald Foster

Spartacus : In our Time Radio 4

Spartacus : In our Time Radio 4

The Phoenicians : In our Time Radio 4

Agamemnon - by Simon Scardifield
Plato's Symposium :In our Time Radio 4
Pliny's Letters : In our Time Radio 4

Aristophanes: Birds -adapated for radio by Martin Wade

The Aeneid part 1. adaptation for radio by Hattie Naylor
The Aeneid part 2. adaptation for radio by Hattie Naylor

The Odyssey -In our Time Radio 4
the Trojan War
-In our Time Radio 4
James Joyce Ulysses and Bloomsday
- audio

Socrates against the State - audio
The Great Philosophers: Plato - Aristotle - audio
Aristophanes against the World - play for radio by Martin Wade

legacy - an assemblage of teaching and learning materials gathered from many sources over a lifetime of teaching. Growing by the day, at some point it may be merged with materials already available on this site here. If you see any of your own work here, unacknowledged and/or if you prefer me to remove anything, please contact.

Constantine - the man who invented Christmas

Classical videos: Over the years I have recorded a large number of programmes from TV broadcasts and amassed a collection of VHS video cassettes, which I am no longer able to store. Check out the details of what's available here and contact me if you are interested in having any of these cassettes.

Body Bags : Simonides and epitaphs for the Fallen
Ancient Greek Contemporary play for Radio

Caesar! Radio plays based on Suetonius' Lives of the Caesars

Acropolis Now; sitcom set in ancient Greece:
Series 2

The Eternal City - words and music Radio 3

The Minoan Civilisation In our Time, Radio 4

Coinage in Ancient Greece and the development of philosophical ideas Radio 3 the Essay - Edith Hall (15 mins)

Xenophon In our Time, Radio 4

Orpheus in Hades Poetry Please, Radio 4

Aristotle -Poetics In our Time, Radio 4

I, Claudius; Adaptation for radio of Robert Graves' book
Socrates, Athens and the Good Life; radio readings from Bettany Hughes' new book

Couples in the Ancient World - the Essay on Radio 3 June 2010 (15 mins)
Pliny the Elder - In Our Time Radio 4 June 2010 (42 mins)

The Researches of Herodotus
- radio drama based on the Histories of Herodotus, written by Tom Holland

Odysseus on an Iceberg - BBC7 broadcast , comic re-take on Odysseus' journey back home.

Greek and Roman Voices - Virgil, 4 Radio 3 talks

3.9.09 - Radio 3 broadcasts
Homer's Landscapes
The Iliad
The Odyssey

Odyssey 9, lines 241-400. Greek text for OCR GCSE 2009

Classical Tube - there are some brilliant Classical videos on youtube, here are my favourites

GLOSSARY OF ROMAN MILITARY TERMS - link to a comprehensive weblog

Context questions on OCR Virgil GCSE prescription 2007-8

Classical images as you have never seen them before

ARLT Coventry 3.7.07

Main events in Agamemnon lines 1 – 976 and the choral ode lines 977 – 1031
The gods in Aeneid Book I
Sympathetic characters in Hippolytus
Virgil Aeneid II - summary tasks

Aeneid Book 10; reading of translation of the text set for OCR AS Latin

Aeneid Book 2 - AQA GCSE prescription - comprehension questions to help pupils

Aeneid Book 10 - line by line translation. To help students preparing for OCR A/AS Latin

Roman Bath - a set of pictures, with thumbnails, of the Roman Baths
The Odyssey - a set of pictures, with thumbnails and annotations.

Diagrammatic plan of the Odyssey - valuable for seeing Homer's manipulation of time in the telling of the story.

- html versions of the worksheets for AQA GCSE CLC Latin topics, for those who have had difficulty retrieving the .docs

Pots - revision notes on vases for the OCR Art and Architecture module

Link to an index of useful handouts for students of Latin, summarising and explaining key syntax, grammar and constructions, and much more (one caveat -lists of nouns, adjectives etc have "American" case order)

AQA GCSE Latin; here are some simple worksheets designed to ensure pupils read and remember the important points from the CLC paralinguistic material.

Plato Republic Book 1 and its relation to the rest of the Republic

Plato's Republic and its Context

Line by line translation of AQA GCSE Virgil prescription for 2005. Tries to match as closely as possible with each line of Latin, signalling words and phrases which have to be taken out of (English) sequence.

Some new links added on the links page - have a look particularly at Hellas for Greek technology

How a criminal trial was conducted in the time of Cicero

Set up your keyboard to display and type in Classical Greek. You can download this for free from THE CLASSICAL GREEK UNICODE WEBSITE

Cicero's rhetoric - definitions, and examples of key literary devices used by Cicero. New link to more ancient Greek tutorials and drills

Brief notes on Roman epigraphy: modern conventions, techniques, types of inscriptions and formulae and dating of inscriptions, a short list of common abbreviations together with a link to a site where there is a comprehensive survey of abbreviations used in inscriptions. Also, brief notes on Roman nomenclature. Plus, the 35 Voting Tribes, with abbreviations. Also, a link to a brief description of the Turkish site of Thermessos. I will get round to putting up some of my pictures, one day.

If you are a student, unsure of the value of studying Classics, or a teacher striving to convince students of the value of studying Classics, here is a link to the Friends of Classics and to their pamphlet "Taking the Long View". ( pdf file 5.2mb - right click on pdf link, select "save target as" to download )

Addition to categories on the "Texts" page, to include Historians . The first piece is a sheet summarising the structure of Livy: ab urbe condita. Also, more links added to classical sites of interest.

Textkit - link to a site to help you learn Ancient Greek and Latin

The Olympian Gods on Red Figure Vases - sketches made by a talented AL student offering a Dissertation for the OCR A level examination in Classical Civilisation.

The Roman way - link added to "listen again" to this excellent Radio 4 series in four parts
What did the Romans ever do for us? Link to that clip from "Life of Brian" (Quick Time needed)

Orpheus - a Metamorphosis of Love and Truth. An imaginative account by a gifted AL student (zipped pdf file: 3.4mb)

New links added, including a link to outer space!

Additions to to the Teaching and Learning Resources page for Latin/Greek

  • At last, some links to material for Learning Ancient Greek, including some very full and definitive handouts for verbs nouns etc , |mainly and usually in PDF format
  • Also, links to sites offering help with the pronunciation of Greek and Latin, and drills to practise alphabet, sentence structure etc

Remember that ALL the available reources are listed here, for text-based material, and here, for visual material. And don't forget the student-centred pages here.

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