gone and forgotten
insignificant, unimportant, irrelevant, meaningless .....beyond the day itself..
happened to be me, could have been anybody.
Good luck, Darren. you're going to need it. Check the dates!

* scoring meetings!

Wednesday 16th July 2003
Hinckley, Market Bosworth*, Thurlaston, Sapcote

Saturday - Sunday 14th-15 June: 2003
Stoney Stanton, Hinckley*, Sapcote

Wednesday 4th June:2003
Moors, TravelInn*

Monday 19th May 2003

Thursday 8th May 2003
Valley *

30th April-1st May 2003
TravelInn,* Little Chef, Valley, Strawberry Duck, Home

Tuesday 22nd April 2003
Kegworth car fumble!

April 5th - 12th
- Moncoffer ******

Thursday 6th March 2003
J19 - Farmer's Gate fumble!

Thursday 30th January 2003
J19 - car fumble!

Thursday 12th December 2002

Thursday 31st October 2002


It's not over yet!

or is it?