Painters of Vases in the British Museum as detailed in Woodford's Mythology on Greek Vases. Information supplied by Dr Lucilla Burn and a BM volunteer.

The numbers relate to the handbook which accompany the slide set.

1.   Pelus wrestling with Thetis      The Eye-Siren Group (Circle of the Antimenes painter)
2.   The Judgement of Paris      Not attributed
3.   Achilles prepares to ambush Troilus      Group of Vatican 424 (Leagros Group)
4.   Achilles pursues Troilos and Polyxena      Leagros group
5.   Troilos and Polyxena fleeing      Troilos Painter
6.   Briseis departing from Achilles      Briseis Painter
7-8.   Thetis brings arms to Achilles and bids him farewell      Earlier Mannerists, undetermined
9.   The Death of Hektor      Berlin Painter
10. Achilles slays Penthesilea      Exekias
11. Achilles carrying the body of Penthesilea      Painter A (Leagros group)
12 -13. Iliupersis: The deaths of Priam and Astyanax      Group E
14. Menelaos and Helen      Altamura Painter
15. Aeneas carrying Anchises escapes from Troy      Class of Toronto 315
16 -17. Odysseus' escape from Polyphemus' cave      Not attributed
18. Odysseus and the Sirens      Siren Painter
19. Herakles and the Nemean Lion with Athene and Iolaos      Antimenes Painter
20. Herakles and the Nemean Lion      Not attributed
21. Herakles and the Hydra of Lerna      Geras Painter
22. Herakles and the Kerynitian Hind                 Near Group E
23. Herakles and the Erymanthian Boar      Manner of the Antimenes Painter
24. Herakles and the Stymphalian Birds      Group E
25. Herakles and the Cretan Bull      Michegan Painter - Perizoma Group
26. Herakles and the Amazons      Proto-Panaitian Group
27. Herkles and the Cattle of Geryon      Group E
28 -29 -30. Herakles and the Apples of the Hesperides      Meidias Painter
31-32. Herakles and Pholos      Circle of Antimenes Painter
33. Herakles and Nessos      Oreithyia Painter
34. Herakles stealing the Tripod of Apollo      Myson
35. The Introduction of Herakles into Olympus      Phrynos Painter
36. The Introduction of Herakles into Olympus      Related to Antimenes Painter