HORACE 1,4 (p.58-9)
               Avoid vices by observing behaviour of others.
                1,5 (p.63)
               Meeting friends: 'For me there's nothing in life to compare with the joy
               of friendship'
                I, 10 (p.81-2)
                Giving pleasure to friends (and Augustus, II, 1. p.88)
                II, 2 (p.89)
                Simple diet; restraint; avoid extremes (stinginess); give to poor and upkeep
                of temples.
                (p.93) ( 'man with few needs who has peacetime wisely made preparations for
                Simple celebration with friends: food, wine, games.
                Calm, brave acceptance of circumstances.
                II, 6 (p.114)
                Small amount of land with garden, spring, wood.
                Continued blessings of fertile flocks and fields and protection of gods.
                Freedom to read, sleep, relax in country; simple food with friends; no
                fuss; philosophical topics of conversation and moral tales.
                Town and country mouse: simplicity, relaxation, friendliness of country
                v. wealth, luxury and dangers of city.
                II, 7 (p.120) All are slaves to passion of some sort: free man is master of himself;
                undaunted in face of poverty, imprisonment and death; defies passions and
                despises power. (cf Juvenal 10)

                PETRONIUS (NB Trimalchio's recipe for happiness)
                Money, friends, expensive items, food, drink, music, entertainment, attractive
                boys, 'culture'.
                 34. 'Let us live it while we can'
                 38. ' purple or scarlet stuffing. There's happiness for you!'
                43.Comment on (dead) Chrysanthus: 'He enjoyed himself while he lived';
                 'he couldn't take anything else [than memories of lechery] with him'
                45.Echion: count blessings (eg. 3-day gladiatorial show) and make best
                 of situation.
                 46. Education is an investment
                 48. Trimalchio: extending property. 'What I'd like to do now is add Sicily
                 to my little bit of land'.
                 Hermeros (T's freedman.):
freedom; freedom from debt; land; small number of possessions; freedom of wife.
'I'd rather have my good name than any amount of money'
               58. 'I hope to make my pile and die so famous ...
               60.T's household gods called Labour, Luck and Lucre.
               69. Habinnas' slave looks after himself and is admired for it: 'You can't take it with you.'
               70. Skilful chef.
               71. Grand funeral monument; burial in style (78)
               72. Trimalchio: 'Since we know we've got to die, why don't we live a little?'
75. Shrewd way with money: 'Whatever I touched grew like a honeycomb'
               77. 'You got something, you'll be thought something'
               'First a frog, now a king.'

10. (p.216)
              Let the gods decide what's best: ie things we need, not what we want.
              The gods care for mankind; humans don't know what will make them happy.
              Pray for: sound mind in a sound body;
                               no fear of death;
                             strength to endure hardship;
                             freedom from lust and anger (cf. Horace 11,7);
                             toil and simplicity rather than wealth and extravagance.
              Peace of mind comes through virtue.