Book Four of the Aeneid – Dido

The Union of Lovers - First act: lines 1-295

1-128: Dido reveals her love for Aeneas to her sister. The building of
Carthage is neglected. The meeting of Juno and Venus. They determine to unite the lovers.

129ff: The Tyrians and their guests go hunting.

168ff: Juno produces a storm, which scatters the hunters.

173ff: Dido and Aeneas take shelter in a cave and fulfil their love. Rumour speeds throughout Africa.

198ff: The anger of Iarbas, Dido’s suitor.

219ff: Jupiter harkens to his pleas and sends Mercury to hasten Aeneas on his way.

205ff:Mercury reminds Aeneas of his duty.

279ff:Aeneas decides to depart.


The Parting of the Ways – Second act: lines 296-503

296: Dido perceives the preparations for departure.

305ff:She pleads with Aeneas

331ff: Aeneas makes his excuses.

326ff: Dido flies into a fury and faints

393ff:The Trojans make their preparations.

416ff: Dido appeals to Anna to soften Aeneas’ heart.

436ff:Anna fails

450ff:Dido contemplates suicide

474ff:She asks Anna to build a pyre in order to burn Aeneas’ arms and


The Death of Dido – Final act: lines 504-707

504: The pyre is built and due rites performed.

522ff:Dido contemplates several courses of action.

554ff:Mercury warns Aeneas to depart immediately.

571ff: The Trojans put to sea.

584: Dido sees the departure of the fleet. She flies into a rage.

607ff:She utters a curse on Aeneas and all his descendants.

630ff:The Queen climbs the pyre and…

663ff:…falls upon her sword. Anna finds her and she dies in her sister’s