Aeneid Book XI

Act 1 “Celebration and Mourning.” 1 – 182.

4 – 28 The morning after the battle, Aeneas prepares victory celebrations…
29 – 41 … encourages his men for the tasks ahead. He urges them to pay tribute…
42 – 58 ... to their dead and he, himself, leads the mourning of Pallas. In a speech full of pathos he pities Evander, the father of Pallas, who is yet…
59 – 99 …ignorant of his son’s fate. With deep reverence and solemnity Aeneas organises the funeral processions and then says his last farewell to the fallen hero.
100 – 122 Aeneas now receives ambassadors from the Latins, to whom he grants permission to retrieve their dead.
124 – 135 Drances, one of the ambassadors, sings the praise of Aeneas and the meeting ends in friendship and a 12 day truce is arranged.
139 – 151 The final scene is devoted to the sorrow of Evander. In a long speech…
152 – 182 …he laments his great loss and ends with a cry for atonement.


Act 2 – “Councils of War” 183 – 498

193 – 212 The following day, the funeral ceremonies continue over a wide area and only end on the 3rd day.
213 – 224 Meanwhile, there is lamentation within the city of Latinus and a call for the war to be settled in single combat.
225 – 251 The arrival of the ambassadors sent to Diomedes and their gloomy news prompts the king to call a High Council. Venulus recounts their unsuccessful…
252 – 293 …attempt to get help from Diomedes and also his advice to them.
302 – 377 The king, almost in desperation, suggests offering peace terms to Aeneas. His suggestion is opposed, however, by Drances who, in open hostility to Turnus, proposes that Turnus make way for peace either by giving up…
378 – 494 …Lavinia or by meeting Aeneas in single combat. Turnus bitterly defends his policies but accepts the challenge.
445 – 498 But the meeting is suddenly interrupted by news of the mobilisation of Aeneas’ army. Turnus seizes his chance and makes new preparations for far. The scene ends with him running down “like a charger” to the battlefront.


Act 3 – “Camilla” 499 – 916

499 – 531 The 3rd act is largely taken up with the fortunes of Camilla who joins Turnus’ side on the battlefield. Turnus unfolds his plan, and then positions himself for an ambush.
532 – 596 The scene changes to the Heavens where Diana, with much foreboding, recounts to Opis how Camilla had been brought up and how much they had become endeared to one another. She then details Opis’ mission.
597 – 647 The battle begins, both sides now retreating, now attacking.
648 – 724 A long description depicts Camilla in battle and her many victims.
725 – 835 But Tarchon, the Etruscan, inspired from above, urges a counter-attack…
836 – 867 … and Arruns, tracking Camilla, strikes her down. Opis her guardian, plaintively laments her, and then wreaks vengeance on Arruns as she had been instructed by Diana.
868 – 916 The Act ends in confusion as the disheartened Latins retreat to their city, Turnus abandons the ambush and there is tension as he and Aeneas come face to face – but night comes between them and the armies take respite.