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Chhing (cymbals) are also important like the drums in many Khmer orchestras because, the set the tempo.  In classical dance as well as folk dance because, the chhing helps to control the movements and gestures of the dancers and actually serve as a musical cue getting from one movement to the next.   The chhing are usually be played by a member of a small choir that accompanies the orchestra when text is involved or not.

Chhing are bowl shape cymbals or sometimes referred to as metal clappers, they are thick and heavy with large boss and small rim.  The chhing is made from a mixture of an alloy of iron, copper or gold mixed with bronze.  The "chhing" measures about 5 centimetres in diametre.  Paired cymbals are joined by a cord through a whole in the cymbal and is tied to the other cymbal.  When the cymbal is played it gives a distinctive chhing sound.  The chhing produces two different sounds. When both cymbals are struck on both their rims it produces an open "chhing" sound and when struck on each other without hitting the rim it produces a closed sound "chhep".

chhing2.jpg (6127 bytes)

"Chhing" an open sound is produced when the rims of the cymbals are struck.

chhep.jpg (5477 bytes)

"Chhep" a closed sound is produced when the cymbals are struck on one another without striking the rim.