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I Love You Babe

To My Babe
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Sharing My Love

We met a few month ago online.
It was love at first chat.
I knew from that moment on
I would grow to love you so much,
and then I did.
I gave you a sacred vow from my heart,
to always love you and be there for you,
my darling.
I gave you my all,
my everything,even my life.
You are so special to me,
without you there would be no me.
We both been hurt in the past,
I want the pasts behind us now,
I want this life to be the One that
last forever in time.
You've taken my soul to the universe,
you've showed me the real love,
now my darling I ask,
Will you allow me to show you also real love?
Take my hand my love,
and come with me far beyond the clouds,
to that light in the tunnel,
reach out and touch it,
share this with me.
I love you so much,
Let me share my life with you,
Forever You are My Destiny,
My Love,
Always and Forever.
You have a way about you that
sets my heart and soul on
fire babe

I Luv You John

Made With Love

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