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This is an example how a collection of fantastic Ditmar Urbach pottery can be displayed. With all the variations of shapes and sizes it can really make a pop in your home !!!

#1A- Czech Art Deco Pottery Basket Ditmar Urbach company--$125.00--

#1B- Czech Art Deco pottery Vase 9.25" Rare pattern--$145.00--

#1C- Czech Art Deco pottery Vase 10" high--$125.00------

#1D- Czech Art Deco Hand-painted Vase--$65.00-----

#1E- Great Czech Vase 9" x 5.5" --$85.00----

#1G- Czech Art Deco Pottery Lostro covered pitcher 3/10 liter ---

#1H-Czech Art Deco Ditmar Urbach hand-painted Vase large---$145.00-----------

#1I-Czech Art Deco CORA shaper pitcher in the 1 liter size---$125.00-----------

#1J- Very Rare Ditmar Urbach Czechoslovakian Air Brush, Spritzdecor Vase, excellent condition. ---$275.00---

#1K- Rare Ditmar Urbach Czechoslovakian Air Brush, Spritzdecor Cracker Barrel, original handle excellent condition. ---$255.00---

#1L- Ditmar Urbach Pitcher in a hard to find pattern. This Pitcher is in the Lostro shape and 3/4 liter size. This piece is in excellent condition. ---$75.00---

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