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This is an example how a collection of fantastic Ditmar Urbach pottery can be displayed. With all the variations of shapes and sizes it can really make a pop in your home !!!

#8B-Czech Art Deco Pottery Slip patterned BATNA Jug--$75.00----

#8CCzech Art Deco Pottery Covered Vase RARE form--$125.00----

#8DCzech Art Deco Pottery Vase produced by the Ditmar Urbach company-$55.00----

#8E Czech Art Deco Pottery Rare Footed Console Bowl, slip design--$175.00----

#8G Czech Art Deco Pottery BIRMA pitcher produced by the Ditmar Urbach company--$75.00----

#8H Czech Art Deco Pottery Basket Vase in a wonderful slip pattern---$155.00---

#8I Czech Art Deco Pottery Vase in a wonderful Rare Paisley slip pattern---$95.00----

#8K Czech Art Deco Pottery Vase hand-painted---$40.00----

#8L Czech Art Deco Pottery Lostro Pitcher and 6 cups hand-painted---$295.00----

#8N Czech Art Deco combination Spritzdecor airbrushed and Hand-painted Covered Candy Dish--$95.00----

#8O Czech Art Deco 1 1/2 liter Lostro hand-painted Pitcher in a wonderful slip pattern by the Ditmar Urbach company. ----$125.00----

#8P Czech Art Deco Vase in a rare mold in the red Sharon's Medley pattern by the Ditmar Urbach company.----$95.00----

#8R Czech Art Deco Spritzdecor airbrushed Vase produced by the Ditmar Urbach company in the Himalaya pattern----$75.00----

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