The Royal Names

Here is a quick guide, with the name, alternate spellings, the meaning and and alternate meanings of the names of the royals of the Late Eighteenth Dynasty (Amenhotep III through Horemheb). In some cases, you can click on a name to find out more about that person. Here we go:

Nebmaatre Amenhotep "Amenhotep III" pronounced: AH-men-Ho-tep
(Nebma'atre, Nebmaatra; Amunhotep, Amonhotep, Amunhotpe);
Nebmaatre="the Lord of Truth is Re"
Amenhotep="Amun is satisfied", "Amun is at peace", "Amun is pleased"

(Tiy, Teye, Tiyi, Ty) pronounced: TEE
Shortened form of Nefertari, meaning "The Beautiful One Belongs to Me" or "The Most Beautiful One"

(Sitamon, Sitamun, Satamun, Satamon, Satamen) pronounced: sit-AH-men
Sitamen = "Daughter of Amun"

(Aset, Ast, Iset, Ist)
Isis = The name of the Goddess, which means "Throne"

(Henuttaneb, Henutaneb)
Henut-Taneb = "Mistress of All Lands"

Nebetah = "Lady of the Palace" "Great Lady"

(Baketaten, Baketaton, Beketaton)
Beketaten ="Servant of Aten" "Handmaiden of Aten"

"Thutmose V"(Thothmes, Tuthmosis, Djehutymes)
Thutmose = "Thoth is Born"

Neferkheperure-Waenre Akhenaten "Amenhotep IV" pronounced: AHK-en-AH-ten or AH-ken-AH-ten
(Neferkheperura-Waenra; Akhnaton, Akhnaten, Akhenaton, Echenaten)
Neferkheperure = "Beautiful are the Manifestations of Re"
Waenre = "Sole One of Re"
Akhenaten = "He Who is Benificial to Aten", "Spirit of Aten", "He Who is Useful to Aten"

Neferneferuaten-Nefertiti "Nefertiti" pronounced: NEF-er-Tee-tee or NEF-ert-EE-tee
(Nefernefruaten, Nefernefruaton, Neferneferuaton; Nefertyty, Nefretiti, Nefertete)
Neferneferuaten = "Beautiful of the Beauties of Aten" "Perfect are the Perfections of Aten"
Nefertiti = "A Beautiful Woman Has Come" "The Beautiful One Has Come"

(Kia, Kya) pronounced: KEE-ya
Original name may have been Tadukhipa (Tadukepha)
Kiya = "Jovial Lady"

Meritaten "Mayati." Pronounced: MEH-reet-AH-ten
(Meretaten, Meretaton, Meritaton, Merytaton, Merytaten)
Meritaten = "Beloved of Aten" "Beloved One of Aten"

Meketaten pronounced: MEH-ket-AH-ten
(Maketaten, Maketaton, Meketaton)
Meketaten = "Behold Aten" "Protected By Aten"

Ankhesenpaaten* pronounced: AHNK-es-en-pa-AH-ten.
(Ankhesenpaaton, Ankhsenpaaten, Ankhsenpaaton) later:
(Ankhesenamon, Ankhesenamun, Ankhsenamen, Ankhsenamon, Ankhsenamun) pronounced: AHNK-es-en-AH-men
Ankhesenpaaten = "She Lives Through the Aten" "Living Through the Aten" "She Lives For the Aten"
Ankhesenamen = "She Lives Through Amun" "Living Through Amun" "She Lives For Amun" "She Lives in Amun"
* In some inscriptions, it is spelled "Ankhesenaten" which has the same meanings as "Ankhesenpaaten" with one little difference; while Ankhesenpaaten means something like "Living Through the Aten", Ankhesenaten translates "Living Through Aten", no "the".

Neferneferuaten ta-Sherit
(See Neferneferuaten-Nefertiti for alternate spellings of Neferneferuaten and meanings; tasheret, ta-shery)
Neferneferuaten Ta-sherit = "Neferneferuaten the Younger", "Neferneferuaten Junior", "Little Neferneferuaten"

(Nefernefrure, Nefernefrura, Neferneferura)
Neferneferure = "Beautiful are the Beauties of Re" "Perfect are the Perfections of Re"

(Setepenra, Sotepenra, Sotepenre)
Setepenre ="Chosen One of Re" "The One Whom the Sun Has Chosen"

Ankhkheperure Smenkhkare
(Ankhkheperura; Smenkare, Smenkhkara, Smenkhara) pronounced: SMENK-kah-ray or SMENK-kah-rah
Ankhkheperure = "Living Manifestations of Re"
Smenkhkare = "Strong is the Soul of Re" "Strength is the Soul of Re", "Strong as the Soul of Re"

Nebkheperure Tutankhaten pronounced: TOOT-ahnk-AH-ten
(Nebkheprure, Nebkheperura, Nebkheprure; Tutankhaton) later: Nebkheperure Tutankhamen
(Tutankhamon, Tutankhamun)
Nebkheperure = "Lordly Manifestation of Re", "Lord of the Manifestations of Re"
Tutankhaten = "Living Image of Aten"
Tutankhamen = "Living Image of Amun"

Kheperkheperure Ay pronounced: EYE
(Kheperkheprure, Kheperkheprura, Kheperkhepeura; Aye)
Kheperkheperure = "Manifestiation of the Manifestations of Re"
Ay = ???

Tiy pronounced: TEE
(Ty, Tey)
Tey = ????

Mutnodjmet pronounced: moot-NODJ-met
(Mutnedjmet, Mutnodjme, Mutbenret)
Mutnodjmet = "Sweet One of Mut"

Djeserkheperure-Setepenre Horemheb = (Heruemheb, Hormheb, Harmheb) pronounced: HOR-em-hehb
Setepenre = "The One Whom Re has Chosen" "Chosen One of Re"
Horemheb = "Horus is in Festival", "Horus is in Jubilie"

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