Ankhesenamen by Winifred Brunton
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Welcome to Queen Ankhesenamen's Palace!
Iiwy en per'aa net hemet nesu weret Ankh-es en Amun!

Born as Sit Nesu Ankhesenpaaten, the third daughter of Akhenaten and his Great Royal Wife, Nefertiti, she was a princess who should have faded into obscurity with the death of her father.

Instead, she married the young boy who was to become--because of the chance preservation of his small tomb--one of the most famous names in history: Tutankhamen.

@ Queen Ankhesenamen's Palace

Amarna Images: A selection of photos and paintings that portray the Amarna royalty.

Amarna Glossary: My humble attempt at explaining some vocab for my visitors. :) I will probably be expanding it.

King's Great Wife Whom He Loves: Queen Ankhesenamen's presence in Tutankhamen's famous tomb.

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Last Updated: March 30, 2002

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