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My Perfect Ring

"I saw that [he] was a genius of suffering and that in the meaning of many sayings of Nietzsche he had created within himself with positive genius a

boundless and frightening capacity for pain. I saw at the same time that the root of his pessimism was not world-contempt

but self-contempt; For however mercilessly he might annihilate institutions and persons in his talk he never spared himself. It was always at

himself first and foremost that he aimed the shaft, himself first and foremost whom he hated and despised."

Here's an assortment of superficial facts that will maybe help characterize the creator of this website (me).
Be warned, however, that there is much that I can't reveal due to a paranoid fear of exposure, on my part.....



About ME

Birthday: Cancer
Occupation: Artist, Writer, Teacher

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