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~Alaska Native Beading Gallery~

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Womens Moccasins, made with Elk hide, Smoked Moosehide, Beaded Sitka Rose tops, Beaver Fur and fleece linings
Baby Mukluks, made with Smoked Moosehide, Seal Fur, Beaver Fur or Rabbit Fur and with Elk Hide and fleece linings
Baby Booties in the making, Much time and handmade matterials go into each item
Mittens, comes in Small, Med., Large and XL. Is sold with bead work and with out. Tie straps can also be added. This pair is a size small and has For-get-me-not flower bead work.
Baby Booties, can be made with or with out fur. With lace bead work or with little bead work as seen here. All booties are lined with a light fleece for warmth and are made with Elk and Deer hide, colors are tan, black, gold and white
Fanny Bags, Please note that fanny bags bead work varies, unless other wise stated. For example: Alaska For-get-me-Nots or Sitka Rose.
Fanny pack
lt. blue flower is display only
Fanny pack
dove-spirit fire
flower is display only
This Jean Hand Bag is made with Old Faded Jeans, Elk hide, and has the Sitka Rose 3D Bead work.
This is Pattrick and his carving. To order this item contact Coreen.
Mens mocassins. Seal fur top with cow hide bottom and beaver fur trim. Price depends on size.
Dolls- All dolls clothing varies. No Doll is made the same.
Indian bridal doll
Mocassins made with a variety of beadwork. Price depends on size ordered.
Sitka Rose beaded on a moosehide mocassin top
Childs mukluks with beaver fur.
Moosehide mocassins with beaver fur
Baby Booties with Beaver fur and bead work

Different views of the wallet. The inside, outside and folded up. The wallet can hold a check book, savings book, business cards, ID card and credit cards, a pen, coin purse and money holder. The wallets are sold with or with out Bead work. Wallets, made with Seal Fur, Deer Hide, Elk Hide and Cow Hide.
Baby Booties with lace beadwork.