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Please read this page before posting material to ABPC.




Not a Teen group:

Non-Erotic & Non-Nude:

Not a Chat Room:



Philosophy statement

PLEASE, try to post images and/or text messages that keep with the spirit of the group. We do not advocate censorship - in fact, we are against censorship if it means the total suppression of expression. Instead, for practical reasons, we are simply asking that people direct their posts to an appropriate group for the images. In other words, we aren't telling you not to post your pictures, just put them in the right place for them.

Unfortunately, like it or not, we are subject to the arbitrary power that ISPs have to censor our group by deciding to drop it without warning from their servers. This has already happened at some sites in the U.S and Europe. We do not want this to happen with our group in other places. Thus, we ask that posters use common-sense in deciding what is appropriate for the group.

Keep in mind that the legality of the images is not the issue, since the internet is international and the laws are different in each country. It is the *perception* of the group by ISPs that matters. If the group is perceived to be a pedophile haven, it will be dropped by many ISPs without warning and without discussion. Unfortunately, requests for "nude little girls" or "little girls in panties" sound like sexually-motivated requests, and these add to a negative perception of the group. We recognize that there may be many beautiful, artistic images of nude children available, and that most people think "little girls in panties" are not inherently sexual, but we're afraid that since the ISPs cannot read our minds, they are likely to assume the worse and see these posts as sexual.

Right now, alt.binaries.pictures.children is one of the only newsgroups where general-interest images of children can be posted. On the other hand, there are over a dozen newsgroups for children's pictures whose titles suggest or state a sexual nature to the posts. It would be a great loss if ABPC were turned into just another pornography group. Then there would be no place for general-interest children's pictures anywhere on the internet.

Ideas for Using Downloaded Pictures

Persons requiring an image for a media show, school project, or other non-profit purpose, may find what they are looking for in this group. Many pictures posted here make interesting Windows wallpaper or screensaver backgrounds, or when printed, can be used in greeting cards, calendars, or wall posters.

However, please be aware that pictures posted to the group are not necessarily in the public domain, and to be honest, probably are not. In general, keep in mind that using pictures from this group may violate someone's copyright. I suspect that using the images for personal viewing isn't going to bother anyone, but using them for a commercial venture (including non-profit activities that raise money) is not legal (and isn't very nice). If you wish to use photos that you download from this group, you do so at your own risk.

Copyright Issues

Posting of copyrighted material by someone other than the copyright holder is done solely at the risk of the person posting such material. Some authors enjoy the exposure; it serves as advertisement. Others do not feel that way and will object. The laws of various countries are different, so it is up to you to be aware of the laws that govern your actions. The application of copyright laws is not well-defined for electronic media such as the Internet. In many cases, the laws have not yet been tested.

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