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The Eight Drunken Immortals and Drunken Forms

Pa Hsien (8 Drunken Immortals)
The 8 immortals are extremely popular folk heroes in Chinese culture. They travel through the ages in each other's company instructing the worthy and helping the needy. In Chue Pa Hsien, each of the 8 immortals is represented by a form inspired by his/her personality and physique. These forms are quite advanced and taught at higher black belt levels.

In Chue Pa Hsien Ch'uan, each of the 8 Immortals is represented by a form inspired by his or her personality or physique.

The Eight Drunken Immortals

Lan Tsai Ho: This form expresses Lan Tsai Ho's youth and amiable madness. The emphasis in this form is agility, speed, and flexibility.

He Hsiang Ku: This form expresses He Siang Ku's slender build through the use of small stances. Close range fighting techniques, making frequent use of the elbows and knees, are prominent in this form.

Hsiang Chung Li: This form is also known as the "Stomping Drunk". The techniques of this form shake both the practitioner and the opponent.

Li Tie Kuai: This form is performed by standing on one leg, or with a noticeable limp, since Li Tie Kuai is a cripple.

Chuang Kuo Lao: This form captures Chuang Kuo Lao's eccentricities admirably. Included in this form are challenging moves such as delivering a kick while doing a back flip, and bending backwards until your shoulders touch the ground.

Chao Kiu Chiu: The cold and calculating nature of this immortal is expressed by an emphasis on evaluating and exploiting an opponent's weaknesses.

Hang Yang Chie: This form expresses Hang Yang Chie's ability to forsee the future, with emphasis on the anticipation of an opponents movements reminiscent of T'ai Chi training.

Drunken Forms Taught From 1st Degree Black up to 4th Degree Black.

Foong Wang Chue Han Chien/Crazy Mad Drunk

Chway Kai/Drunken Begger

Chway Tao/Drunken Broadsword

Chway Chien/Drunken Sword

Ti Ie Chien/Li Tie Kuai

Ti Ar Chien/Siang Chung Li

Ti San Chien/Chuang Kua Chui

Ti Chie Chien/Lan Chai He

Ti Pa Chien/He Shiang Ku

Chway Chiang/Drunken Spear