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The You Behind The Mask

This isn't a webpage dedicated to a singer,
or a movie star, or even to an athlete.
This page is about me. Hi, I am Corey(the fat one lol).
Alot of you viewing this site know me...
know who I really am, and well alot of you don't.
I won't be surprised that after seeing this isn't a
dedication page some of you will leave.
Well that just proves a theroy of mine.
Its a fact that now a days people can't stop
and "smell the roses" or look at the beauty of

Well I guess I will get to my point.
This webpage was created so I could be
who I want to be. Not having to pretend
I am someone else so I will get accpeted
by people I don't even like. Sure I am not
pretty nor am I popular. But on here I am me!

Ahh yes my point, this webpage if also
for people who want to be themselves and not
someone they pretend to be. Enter your
stories, thoughts, and poetry along with
mine and let other people see who you truley are...

Enter Your Poetry Here
Enter Your Stories Here
Polls and Opinions Here
Who Are You? I wanna know...