Welcome one and all to the Mystik Legends Homepage. This is the page to get all the info you need in order to fully understand the series. This page is going though a major overhaul and therefore, I must ask that you all be patient! If you have questions, feel free to E-Mail me.


January 10/04 - Wow! It's been a whole year since I've done anything to this site. I've decided to start fresh with this since the series has been totally revamped since the last time this was updated. There are character additions, more pics and more news on other Mystik Design series. Hopefully 2004 will bring some good things to the series after I've attended the Animation course at my local college. Until then stay posted as new things begin to pour in. ^_^
January 11/04 - Taa daa! We have a new banner! As promised, changes are beginning to take place to make this site even better. Hopefully, new scans will be coming as well as long as our good friend Kiljax is willing to help us out. I'm hoping to put up some pics that I worked on last night, call them mini-posters if you will. So I hope you enjoy ~_^

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