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Numerology - House and Apartment Numbers

By Marishka

Universal Law #1….Nothing happens by chance !

Just as your wall mirror reveals your outer image, the mystical mirror of numerology can disclose your inner self. Numerology can teach you a secret code for unlocking the mystery hidden in the numbers surrounding your life.

I thought you would find it interesting to learn about the numbers in your address. They have a definite meaning, and understanding these meanings can help us to move in synchronism with the influences surrounding us.

Your apartment or house number adds or subtracts to the harmony of your life.

In numerology, all numbers are REDUCED to a single digit by adding their digits together. The number 35, for example, would be reduced as 3 + 5 = 8. The only exceptions to this are the master numbers 11, 22, and 33.

The home's base number (the reduced number) is only part of the energy of the home. All of the numbers that make up the house's address are important.

For example a house number 5873….Base Number……5 (5 + 8 + 7 + 3 = 23 reduced to 2 + 3 = 5)

Number 5 - is active

Number 8 - brings success and money

Number 7 - is a sanctuary

Number 3 - brings social and creative influences

The BASE number 5 is very busy energy, enhanced and accelerated by the 8 and the 3.

The 7 allows research or study at the house. This will be overshadowed by the more dominant, active energy of the 5, 8, and 3.

So…if you need quiet, just to be yourself or study. This is NOT your house!

I know that often we have no choice in the address of our home. Please remember that every number vibration has it's own beauty, and the number on your house or apartment is exactly what you need at that moment in your life. In numerology we believe there are no accidents in where you live. You will gain valuable insight from the number on your house, which will help you to orchestrate a fulfilling life.

Your house number will tell you a lot about the energy surrounding you when you are there. You can use this energy to determine which activities are best for your house. The challenge of the number can make certain activities more difficult at that address.

Meanings of House Numbers

Number 1

This house will encourage individuality, courage, determination, and integrity for those who live there. It is an excellent house for a person who wants to undertake an individualistic creative venture. If you want to follow your own instincts, are independent, and self reliant then this is the house for you.

Number 2

This is a great house to develop your intuition and psychic abilities, and to pay attention to the subtle energies of gardens, art, and music. Sensitivity is heightened here, and the occupants will grow in awareness of the subtle, small aspects of life.

Number 3

This is an entertaining/ party house. There is a tendency with the 3 to Play Now and pay later, so a keen eye on finances will be necessary. Remember all that entertaining can add up fast! In addition, spontaneous, impulsive action can be a challenge with the 3 house as well.

Number 4

People who live in a 4 house will find it easier to be steady, loyal, well respected, and grounded. This is a great home for planting your roots---and seeding your dreams.

Number 5

People who live here will enjoy life through its pleasures ( read this as wine, women,…you know the rest), or through the thrill of being on the leading edge of new trends, owning the latest gadget, or being "in the know" of progressive thinking.

Number 6

This is the home of the gardener, especially for one who loves to beautify he home and grounds with lots of flowers. Make this a place of beauty and love, for that's the natural vibration of the 6.

Number 7

If partners are to live together in a 7 house, both should expect lots of aloneness and aloofness. However, pairs of contemplative, introspective souls will do very well here.

Number 8

If you're ready to get the material side of your life in order, move into an 8 house. This house will encourage organisation, vision, and management of financial matters, and through discipline and vision, you can achieve a position of power while living in an 8 house. Success and financial abundance are possible under this house's vibration. It will often be a place of business activity.

Number 9

This is a home for the compassionate and the tolerant, a great space for the humanitarian. If you have no racial or social prejudices, or have a burning desire to help the world, this is the house for you. The 9 vibration allows you to see the possibilities, to see beyond limitations and oppression. This is a home for the broadminded thinkers. You will find rewards for past efforts in this house.


Usually there are two addresses for an apartment. One is the building address, the other is the actual apartment number. BOTH numbers have significance.

Figure each one separately, and then add the numbers together to reach a final total, and, as before, reduce to a single number.

The number that will have the most influence will be the number of your apartment unit.

For the meaning of the apartment number, you can use the meanings for house numbers as above.

If you are living in an apartment, your apartment number tells what is expected of you personally, under that number.

Business Addresses

Business addresses work the same way as house and apartment numbers. Figure out the number for where you work, then look to the house number for its meaning.

Knowledge is Power! The more you know, the more you grow! !

Universal Law #2…..Life happens as it should. There are NO mistakes!

I Hope you enjoyed this short lesson in Numerology !!!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3