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Updating Site, some links may be dead for a short period of time. (04-14-06)

elcome to Druid Home, the site that is built for you. What are you here for? Humm, perhaps you just fell on us from the sky, or perhaps you have come here with the intent to learn. If you chose the latter, you have come to the right place. Here at Druid Home we have chosen some content to be displayed. Our members feels strongly in the spreading of knowledge. We have researched and compiled the information on our site in a collegial way.


    This site has been designed to provide information to those seeking sources on Druidism. Our site has all of its content referenced, so that you may look up and validate our sources. We feel that there are not enough collegial Druidic sites out there, so this is the reason we have designed this site. Our site is to be a great resource for all who are looking for information on the ancient Celts. It is intended to be completely collegial site in all aspects. If it's not please let us know, so that we may correct anything that may be wrong. This site is in frames for your convenience of browsing. There isn't going to be any windows that pop up all over the place that will drive you nuts. In the frame to your left, are the links that will load in this window. Feel free to browse around and don't forget to sign the guest book. To come back to this page just click the Druid Home banner above at any time, and then you will see this page again. Enjoy your journey through our site.


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     **The members of our study groups have made the content on the following web pages. Some information may not be the best source for what you are looking for, so take all information on this site with a grain of salt and not as gospel.


Some content is Copyright© by United Druid Foundation, 2001, 2002