^ MENU 1 (scrolling menu bar) ^

The menu bar you see here is one I made using 1st Page 2000. I found it under "Insert", "DHTML zone", "Menu Bar". This particular menu bar will drop down with subfolder links. It also scrolls with the page....One big problem with it though. You can't get your links to work if they are within a couple of inches of the menu. Scroll down to the link below and see what I mean. Check it out.

A menu bar can be as easy as a simple table or as complicated as you want to make it. You can change the back ground color of your table to any color by inserting different color codes. You can use text, buttons, or even images for your menu links. You can add subfolder links as I have here. Click on Graphics in the menu bar for an example of subfolder links.

Click here for the scrolling menu bar script

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^ MENU 2 (Basic horizontal menu bar) ^

This menu I made from scratch. View my source code if you want to copy and paste it into your page. (Click on View and then Source) Just change the headings and addresses to your own. This menu bar remains stationary at the top of the page (or wherever you choose to put it) and it does not have drop down submenus. It is a very simple one row, 1 column table.

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^ MENU 3 (menu bar with frame) ^

If you need to add more pages to this bar, duplicate the HTML code between "Last Line" and "End nav-bar" add it to your bar until the number of buttons equals the number of web pages on your site. Now replace the page names with your web page names. Note that the "Go to top" link has already been included. I don't recall where I found this particular menu bar, but it is freeware and your welcome to copy the source code and paste it into your page.

All of the navigation bars up to this point have been horizontal bars. Lets have a look at some verticle navigation menus. These also can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make them.

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