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Lake Applet Tutorial ( Java )

Any size .gif or .jpg picture can be used with this applet. All that is needed to make the applet work is a few lines of HTML, your favorite picture, and the Lake.class file. To download the Lake.class file, visit the Dave Griffiths page. Dave Griffith is the creator of the Lake.class applet.

The appropriate HTML code below will set your applet up with a border. In this case, the border is a size 5. You can adjust the size of the border to your taste. Cut and paste the code that applies into your page:

HTML applet code for NON-Angelfire or NON-Homestead browsers

‹center›‹table border=5 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0›‹tr›‹td›‹applet code="Lake" width="336" height="430"›‹param name="image" value="MyPic.jpg"›

HTML applet code for Angelfire browsers

‹center›‹table border=5 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0›‹tr›‹td›‹applet codebase="images/" code="Lake.class" width="336" height="430"›‹param name="image" value="images/nameofyourpicture.jpg"›

For Homestead browsers, simply replace the words 'image' and 'images' in the code with 'file' and 'files'.
The changes in the code are as follows:
applet codebase="files/"
param name="file"

Change the "MyPic.jpg" to the name of the picture you are using. You will need to change the width and the height of the applet. The width should equal the original width of your picture. The height of the applet should be approximately 2X the original height of your picture. You will need to experiment with the size a little. I always start out with the original height of my picture X 2 and then deduct 10 from that to start with. For example, if your original picture is: width 230 and height 340, then your applet should be: width 230 and height 680 less 10... which is 670.
width = 230 height = 670

First download the file and unzip it. Upload the Lake.class file, and your picture. *IMPORTANT* Do not put the Lake.class file or the picture in any subfolder up on your server. (example: /images) Instead put them in the same place as your index.html page (no folder). Now add the HTML code to the page you want the Lake applet on, remember to change the HTML code to your picture's name, and change the width and height to fit your picture). View your page now you should see your picture and the lake effect reflection below it.

If you have problems getting your applet to work properly, I recommend you visit Dave Griffiths site. He has a fantastic site with tutorials not only on the Lake Applet but many other applets as well.

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The link to Dave Griffiths site has been disabled. He no longer supports the web site. I do want to give credit where it is due though. Everything I know about Lake Applets, I learned from his site. Thanks Dave.