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~HTML Cheatsheet~

Basic Tags

‹html› ‹/html›
Creats a HTML document. Each HTML document needs to start with the html tag and end with the /html tag.

‹head› ‹/head›
Determines the title of the page, but does not display it.

‹body› ‹/body›
The body tags begin and end the visible portion of your web page.

‹title› ‹/title›
Displays the name of the document.

Body Tags

‹body bgcolor=""›
Determines the background color. Insert the color code between the " "

‹body text=""›
Determines the color of the text. Insert the color code between the " "

‹body link=""›
Determines the color of the link text. Insert the color code between the " "

Text Tags

‹h1› ‹/h1›
Creates the largest headline

‹h6› ‹/h6›
Creates the smallest headline

‹b› ‹/b›
Creates bold text

‹i› ‹/i›
Creates italic text

‹font size=""› ‹/font›
Sets the size of the font. Can be from size 1 to size 7 with 7 being the largest. Insert the size between the " "

‹font color=""› ‹/font›
Sets the color of the font. Insert the color code between the " "

Link Tags

‹a href=""› ‹/a›
Creates a hyperlink. Insert the address of the link between the " "

‹a href="mailto:EMAIL"› ‹/a›
Creates a mail to link. Insert the address in place of EMAIL


‹p› ‹/p›
Starts a new paragraph

‹p align=""›
Aligns a paragraph to the "left" "center" or "right". Insert alignment instructions between the " "

Inserts a line break.

‹blockquote› ‹/blockquote›
Indents on both sides the section of text located between the tags

‹dl› ‹/dl›
Creates a definition list.

‹ol› ‹/ol›
Creates a numbered list

‹li› ‹/li›
Precedes each list item and adds a number

‹ul› ‹/ul›
Creates a bulleted list


‹img src=""›
Adds an image to a web document. Insert the name of the image between the " "

‹img src="" align=""›
Aligns an image either "left" "center" "right" "bottom" "top" "middle". Insert the Alignment tag between the " "

‹img src="" border="">›
Sets the size of a border around a particular image. Insert the size between the " "

Inserts a horizontal line

‹hr size=""›
Sets the height of the line. Usually "1" or "2" depending on the tickness of the line you want.

‹hr width=""›
Sets the length of the line. Insert the either a percentage or an absolute value between the " "


‹table› ‹/table›
Creates a table.

‹tr› ‹/tr›
Begins and ends each row in a table.

‹td› ‹/td›
Begins and ends each cell in a row.

‹th› ‹/th›
Determines the table header. A normal cell with bold centererd text.

Table Attributes

‹table border=""›
Sets the width of the border around the table. Insert the size between the " "

‹table cellspacing=""›
Sets the amount of space between table cells. Insert the amount of space you want between the " "

‹table cellpadding=""›
Sets the amount of space between the table border and its content.

‹table width=""›
Insert either a absolute number or a percentage.

‹tr align=""› or ‹td align=""›
Sets the alignment for cells. "Left", "center", or "right".

‹tr valign=""› or ‹td valign=""›
Sets the vertical alignment of cells. "Top", "middle" or "bottom"

‹td colspan=""›
Sets the number of columns a cell should span.

‹td rowspan=""›
Sets the number of rows a cell should span. Defaults to 1.


‹frameset› ‹/frameset›
Beginning and ending tags defining a frame

‹frameset rows=""›
Defines the rows within a frameset

‹frameset cols=""›
Defines the colums within a frameset

Defines a single frame or region within a frameset

‹noframes› ‹/noframes›
Defines what will appear on browsers that don't support frames

Frame Attributes

‹frame src=""›
Specifies which HTML document should be displayed in the frame. Insert the URL between the " "

‹frame name=""›
Names the frame so it may be targeted by other frames

‹frame marginwidth=""›
Defines the left and right margins for the frame

‹frame marginheight=""›
Defines the top and bottom margins for the frame

‹frame scrolling=""›
Sets up a scrollbar for the frame. Insert "yes", "no" or "auto" between the " "

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