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Catchlight Creations

Art Glass Studio

Catchlight Creations Art Glass Studio is a private commission glass studio established in Oklahoma City in 1995. Artist/Designer Jeff Gullett produces quality stained glass windows as well as gift items for the most discriminating of tastes. The work from the artists of Catchlight Creations Art Glass Studio can be found in homes around the world. From Windows and Kaleidoscopes to Keepsake Angels, Jeff prides himself in producing work that will be cherished for years to come. Let Catchlight Creations Art Glass Studio create that one of a kind piece of glass art work that you will be proud to display in your home.

Glasswork from Catchlight Creations can be shipped around the globe.

Catchlight Creations Art Glass Studio creates glass art gifts for any occasion and gifts to fit any personality. From Charm and Personalized Angels to Angels that softly glow from a candles light, Catchlight Creations Angels reflect the feelings and sentiments of not only the giver but of the receiver of the gift as well. One can not only find Angels from Catchlight Creations Art Glass Studio, but glass artist Jeff Gullett also creates a variety of stained glass Kaleidoscopes. Catchlight Creations Kaleidoscopes come in a variety of styles that takes ones breath away sending them back to their childhood as they once again gaze for hours at the blend and mix of swirling colors viewed in each delightful Kaleidoscope.

"Experimentation is one important element in th design
of many of my gifts..........I am persistent, I sometimes fail,
but I never quit till I have achieved that unique, one-of-a-kind gift. I also try to incorporate a whimsical touch in much of my work."

That shows as one will find a whimsical nature in many pieces of Jeff's work.


Check out our site and drop us an e-mail, let us know what you think
of Jeff's work. We will be happy to design a unique glass creation
that you will be proud to display in your home.

Catchlight Creations Art Glass Studio
Office Address:
1425 Nicklas Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
405 / 397-2745


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