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Mk1 - Documents and Other Parts

Here is a comprehensive history of my 1957 Mk1 2.4 Litre. The car is a genuine 56,000 mile example of the marque and I am the third owner. The pictures below definitely speak a thousand words.

The 2.4 Litre badge (spare).

Owner’s Identification Card (front). This was stuck on the inside back page of the service manual. Find of the century courtesy of some good old fashioned steam from Mum’s kettle!

Owner’s Identification Card (back). Showing matching numbers

Dunlop book. This book notes tyre care for original cross ply tyres. Shows how to fix punctures,etc…

Original 1957 Service Manual.

Maintenance Chart for the 2.4 Litre. This chart is probably post 1957 as it demonstrates care of Disc brakes (my car has 4 wheel drum brakes). Also recovered with liberal use of steam as it was also stuck inside the back cover of the service manual. I don’t think the last owner knew it was there.

This picture tells its own story.

Smith’s Lighter Tag (front). This tag was hanging from the lighter when vehicle first purchased.

Smith’s Lighter Tag (rear).

Original Manufacturers Guarantee. Unbelievable!

Original Bryson’s purchase tag which would have contained the invoice. Bryson’s was the former Australian importer of Jaguar Cars. This tag shows where the car was purchased from.

Original Toolkit.

More Toolkit.

Spare set of original Mk1 Lucas tailights.

A closer look at the tailights.

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