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                                                        (From  CDO Chapter, Brod. Mitchelle Flores, MDG)

 T – Treat others as you would have them treat you.
This is simply a replica of the Golden Rule. From hereon, we have to always
remember that the interpretation of any of the Triskelion Principles must always
be implicated positively. Our Founding Fathers never intended for us to exploit
the Code of Conduct by making twisted interpretation. Just as we can’t implicate
the first code to inflict pain to others just because you’re a masochist. So the best
approach of interpreting our Principles in to interpret it with the same mind-set
of Founding Fathers.

R – Rise to defend the name and honor of the Fraternity
whenever it is unjustly criticized.
What kind of defense is demanded for the time being should be profoundly
considered. There are many forms of defenses, and only few of these will come
out to be best. So let us always relate this code of conduct to our second tene

I – Inform and orient your fellow brothers on
every matter you consider vital to the Fraternity.
Let us always give attention even to the smallest details of our surroundings and
try to evaluate if it is vital to our fraternity. There are things that we see, do or
feel that may be of great significance to our fraternity and we have to be always
aware of these. In addition, this code does not only require us to inform but there
is also an implied duty for us to inquire from our fellow Triskelions every time,
specially when we are absent for a period of time.

S – Salute and address your fellow brothers in the proper manner.
The best way to know what is proper is to know what is improper. So to name a
few, it is improper to:

        1.turn your back while performing the handshake.

        2.insult your fellow Triskelions specially in front of everybody’s eyes.

        3.subject visiting Triskelions to insulting and tedious test before
          accepting them specially if they are obvious to be true Triskelions.

        4.reject a handshake from fellow Triskelions.


K – Keep decorum in all fraternity meetings and
act accordingly outside the fraternity.
As a Triskelion, we are obliged to always pay attention to the speaking in front
during meeting and conferences. K is probably one of the most violated Code of
Conduct of our Fraternity. Examples of violations to this Code are:

        1.Talking while the GT or Gen. Sec. is still speaking during a meeting.

        2.Leaving the room while the meeting is still in session.

        3.Arriving late in the meeting.

        4.Transferring from one seat to another while the meeting is in session.

        5.Disrupting the teacher while having a class.

        6.And all misbehavior outside the fraternity.

E – Excel in your chosen field of interest and endeavor.

To know the best field for you is to know your strengths, talents and abilities.
Don’t be contented of what you have and what you are if it is not yet the peak of
your potentials. Always take the greater challenge of your life and try to be the
best in what you do. In addition, we have to consider that the biggest step to
excel is to be good in your studies, so if you are privilege to be studying, always
aim to graduate, if possible with honors.

L – Live a life of moderation, avoid gluttony, vices and
      drunkenness, lest you forget your family, Fraternity, work,
      health  and studies.

Too much of anything is harmful. We have to learn how to manage our time well
and be aware of the things that are not good for us. It must also be considered
that there are things in this world that must be absolutely avoided, like poisons,
radio-active minerals, illegal DRUGS and many more. So if we say to be
moderate, we can’t include Drugs to be among the things to be moderate about.
Drugs is absolutely prohibited. We may be moderate in drinking alcoholic
beverages and in smoking but not on Drugs.

I – In your everyday life, take care of what you write, do,
or say, beware  of misinterpretation and
lasting misunderstanding.

It is a fact that no one can please everybody but at least try not to deliberately
displease anybody. In all we do there is always a proper norm on how to do it.
May it be the way you speak, walk, stare or laugh. Try to be always conscious
with the people around you and if ever somebody complained on the way you
talk, stare or walk, then try to correct it.

O – Obey all fraternity rules and regulations, be guided in your
daily ventures by the Tenets of the  Fraternity.

N – Never reveal to anyone, not to your family, nor to your
friends, the concern of the fraternity.

This Code of Conduct needs to be deeply understood. There are revelations that
can exalt the reputation of our Fraternity and there are also revelations that can
be detrimental to our fraternity. For example, revealing the kind of brotherhood
we advocate will probably earn praises from people in general. So it just a matter
of judgement on what to reveal and what not to reveal.


  Temperance - moderation in action, thought
  or feelings. We are reminded of letter L in
  the Codes of Conduct.

Responsibility - accountability and trustworthiness.
We must be responsible and
 held accountable for all our actions.

Integrity - honesty, morality and uprightness.
We must be true to ourselves
 and to the ideals that we stand for, we must
be true to others that we serve.
Sacrifice - renunciation of self for others.
Without self-denial, we are encouraged to
give something for the sake, not only of our
brothers and sisters, but also others.

 Knowledge - wisdom and understanding. We
are constantly reminded to seek wisdom
because it is only through knowledge that
we understand the people and the world
around us.

Exemplary - unblemished and flawless. We
live and lead by example for how do we
expect others to follow if we do not know
 how to lead.

Loyalty - devotion and allegiance to God
and Fraternity. We are bound by a sacred
 duty to serve God, first and foremost, and
 the Fraternity for without the Fraternity and
without God, we are nothing.
Inviolate - pure, sacred and whole. Our
 intentions must be transparent to all and
clear to everyone, and above all personal
 motives and self-serving ambitions.
Open-mindedness - tolerant, impartial and
 compassionate. We do not profess a
 monopoly of ideas and ideals. We must
respect the feelings and the rights of others.
Nationalism - love of country. We cannot
turn a deaf ear to the needs and aspirations
of our country and people for we are the