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Welcome to Turn It You've come to the right place for the ultimate savings in REAL 24K Gold Plating. Whether turning it gold, chroming it out, turning it silver, nickel or platinum plating it- you've found your source!

Our 24K Gold finish has proven durability with superior resistance to wear. Our gold finish is guaranteed not to peel or flake and by nature gold will not corrode or tarnish. With minimal maintenance your finish will provide a lifetime of beauty and satisfaction.

Enhance watches, earrings, pendants, eyeglasses, belt buckles, bracelets and more. Restore these items to their original luster and beauty at a fraction of the cost of what it would take to replace them.

If your a sporting enthusiast, add the brilliance of gold to golf clubs, fishing tackle, guns, knives, scuba gear, and more...

One look at a 24K Gold finish and you will see why it's the choice in home interiors. Compliment your decor with gold plated faucets, handles, door knobs, lighting fixtures, and accessories. Flatware, ceiling fans, and picture frames are just the beginning of how you can express your individual taste and style. A 24K Gold finish will redefine your decorating options.

Surround yourself in 24K Gold luxury

Our specialists handcraft each of your valuables with meticulous detail using the finest and purest gold available. Choose from an unlimited amount of applications.

Reels, cleats, rope guides, trim work, and lights are some of the many options if you own a boat. Plating these items helps to eliminate corrosion and pitting.

Emblems, rims, grilles, gauges, and trim are some of the endless possibilities for automotive and motorcycle customizing. Gold can also be deposited on engine parts, valve covers, exhaust systems and other high temperature applications.

Gold leaves a lasting impression and sets a new benchmark for styling helping you to create a style that is uniquely yours. Choose from a solid gold finish to one of a kind, custom, two-tone chrome and gold masterpieces.

Whether you're 'in da hood' and trying to get your bling on

or you simply want to give those emblems a fine tweak,

You have come to the right place! We don't stop there either.

Here are a few more examples of how gold plating can benefit you:

24K Gold bath tub legs

007 style 24K Gold briefcase

24K Gold and Chrome oil well drill bits

24K Gold Ford Pickup Grill

14K Gold two-tone spin ring

24K Gold retirement gift for gramps

24K high con Gold bike rim

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