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Affiliate Info
Whether you own a customization shop or not you can now get in on the action!
The gold plating business is booming and it's time for you to collect.

Own your own shop?
Now you can offer 24K Gold Plating to your customers and don't pay us - WE PAY YOU!
We specialize in 24K Gold (will never corrode), 14K gold, cyanide free gold, chrome, platinum, copper, silver and nickel electroplating utilizing the brush method.
With so many methods the possibilities are endless!

This is the free affiliate program you've been looking for all along. One that you don't have to invest in that pays you a GENEROUS percentage from the business accrued.

Scenario A: A potential customer comes to you with a custom job that involves electroplating but you can't take that extra cash off of his hands because you don't know who plates in the area. He walks away disgusted with your money still in his pocket

Scenario B: A potential customer comes to you with a custom job that involves electroplating, you charge him/her a deposit totaling half of the final cost, ship the item to Turn It Gold (Customer Service will pick up local items), and pocket your portion of the fee!

Nothing is easier than collecting cash from a job that cost you nothing to begin with and you didn't even break a sweat. We cannot make it easier to try our affiliate program. All you have to do is call Turn It Gold, Co. for your affiliate reference number and to go over the pay tier. We will send you out an informational packet within 3-5 business days. Then you can place your "WE OFFER GOLD PLATING" sign in the window.
*Most ( 93%) jobs are completed in one day and shipped back out before 5pm EST.

Don't own your own shop?
Free ads are a good way for person's not in the automotive industry to advertise to gain their commission. Friends and family are another way (everybody knows at least one all American bad ass who loves the look of a chromed out Harley-Remember that guy at the gas station?)
Whatever method you use this is the perfect opportunity for you make a GENEROUS commission for very little effort on your part.

Fill out to receive your affiliate information package today!
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